4 Golden Rules of Outdoor Vaping: Here’s How to Do It Responsibly at Every Concert or Festival

If you are a convert to vaping over cigarette smoking, you may think you can use your vape pen just about anywhere you could smoke. But there are rules of vaping etiquette that include outside at festivals and concerts. It is best to check with the individual organization before you pack your vape pens and various e liquid

Below are 4 golden rules for vaping outdoors in a responsible manner that will allow you to enjoy the festivities as well as your vaping.

  1. Choose A Less Intense Blend

When vaping outdoors around other people, choose a less robust flavor of e-liquid. The super fruity and sweet dessert flavors can be offensive to those around you. By the same token, intense tobacco flavors can also turn off other festival-goers.

Choose a mild style e-liquid that is even in tones and not overwhelming in bold aromas. Others around you will be thankful when they can continue to enjoy themselves and not smell like they themselves are smoking a vape pen.

  1. Practice Holding and Covert Exhaling

If you can hold the vape cloud in your lungs longer, the puff you exhale will be less intense to those around you. You can also exhale through your nose and lessen the impact of the cloud and its smell.

Another option for exhaling is to blow the smoke into a tissue, napkin, or part of your clothing like a sleeve. This will drastically limit the smell of the vape e-liquid to those around you.

It is important to not blow smoke directly into someone’s face. This is not only rude but could get you kicked out of the event if it really angers the person enough to report to you.

  1. Practice Stealth Vaping Skills

You can vape using the skills in #2 above and not offend other party goers. You could also reduce the battery power on your vape pen to scale back the cloud output. The majority of pens for vaping are adjustable and this is the type you should bring to an outdoor activity.

It is true that vaping will enhance and add to the enjoyment of your outdoor activities, but you must be considerate of others, just as if you were using regular tobacco products. The people around you will be thankful you are not spewing smoke in their faces because everyone is there to enjoy themselves.

  1. Learn to Wait

When you are elbow-to-elbow with thousands of other concert-goers, you don’t want to fire up your vape pen and risk hurting someone. You also don’t want to have the pen lodged in your throat if you are bumped in the face.

Today there are many venues that have outdoor areas specifically labelled for smoking, which includes vaping. You can make your way to one of these areas, or simply wait until you are in your car leaving the event.

Taking your vape pen with you to outdoor concerts and festivals is a right you can enjoy, as long as you are responsible and think of others.