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4 Key Features Of The Best Messenger Bags

The messenger bag is undoubtedly an excellent pick if you’re a stylish individual searching for a functional and practical accessory to carry your valuables. This bag also gives you a professional look that you’d otherwise struggle to pull off with a backpack. Because of this, messenger bags have become quite popular today for carrying different items, be it your laptop, documents, tablet, or other tiny possessions. 

But before buying a messenger bag, you first need to make sure it integrates certain key features; otherwise, it might not best suit your style and serve your needs. And to help you out, here’s a guide outlining the key features to search for in the best messenger bags. Let’s get started.


What’s A Messenger Bag? 

Messenger bags were first designed for postal workers to conveniently store postal messages as they moved from one place to another with ease. Due to their functional design, these bags allowed the hands-free carrying of paperwork for long distances without quickly tiring. This was possible thanks to a long strap worn across the shoulder and made initially of materials such as leather or canvas. The shoulder straps were often padded to safeguard the postal worker’s shoulders from becoming sore.  

But after that, messenger bags were embraced by others, including cyclists, urban couriers, or on-foot delivery persons. This is due to the handy design that enabled them to load and unload these bags without taking off the bag. 

Leather Messenger Bags

Messenger bags, including the leather ones, typically have a rectangular shape become even more popular with the modern man—be it a working professional or student. If you want to arrive to school in style, then choosing a leather messenger bag is the best option. The messenger bags for school from come in a range of sizes and styles, all with a detachable shoulder strap that converts it from a messenger bag to a briefcase if you prefer. They’re made from full grain leather, which is the highest quality available. Messenger bags are truly the best leather bags for men.

Laptop bag from Von Baer

The books inside the blown Messenger bag

What Are The Key Features Of A Messenger Bag? 

When searching for a messenger bag, there are certain attributes you should look for that are standard across all messenger bags, and these include:

  • Size And Weight 

Carrying items in briefcases and backpacks often feels tiring and ends up straining your body. However, this isn’t a problem you’ll deal with messenger bags because many of them weigh in at less than two pounds. Because of this, you don’t struggle when carrying and transporting items using your messenger bag. It’s easy to see why they were initially designed for postal workers. Thanks to their lightweight, you can take a long trip with this bag without stressing your body. 

  • Straps And Buckles

Shoulder straps enable you to carry your messenger bag handily without breaking a sweat. Depending on how much weight you’re carrying and items in the messenger bag, you can adjust these straps to where they feel most comfortable. There’s also an extra pair of handles for enabling you to adjust how you carry your bag quickly.   

Using these shoulder straps, you can perfectly position your messenger bag to lie perfectly well on your back and shoulder while allowing easy access to whatever items are stored inside. This makes these bags a great pick when taking long trips, cycling, or walking through the airport or a crowded space without straining your back. 

In addition, straps make closing and opening your messenger bag a breeze while still ensuring the safety of everything inside. The safety provided by messenger bags is thanks to magnetic snaps that are easy to operate with one hand and boast a stylish and minimalistic design.  

Straps and buckles are among the most exciting messenger bags that draw most people’s interest. This is because they give this bag a versatile feel, something you wouldn’t achieve with backpacks. This is a similar concern with briefcases that give off an old-fashioned vibe that has made them unappealing to today’s working professionals.  

Because of the straps and buckles, you can use the messenger bag for a broad range of uses. For example, you can wear your messenger bag during the weekend due to its hybrid look. Likewise, this bag is ideal for the office because of its professional appearance, which greatly attracts today’s younger working-class population.

Man carries brown leather messenger bag in the hand on gray background. Unisex bag for sale.
  • Fabric 

Another thing that’s synonymous with messenger bags is their durable nature because they’re often made out of robust materials. The three most common fabric options include: 

  • Canvas: This fabric gives the messenger bag a rugged and unique feel and is durable. It’s also a cheaper option, and this is why it’s won over so many individuals.
  • Leather: It’s undoubtedly the ideal fabric for messenger bags and is typically paired with nylon. Leather matches different occasions and is also very sturdy, thereby can capably withstand any damage that it faces. 
  • Nylon: This is another option to consider if you want a piece of fabric in between canvas and leather.   

With these quality fabrics, you can be confident that your messenger bag will serve you for several years without needing any repair or replacement. 

  • Storage Compartments 

Regardless of the type of bag you get, enough storage space is always on top of your priorities. This is one thing you’re guaranteed when you buy messenger bags, even though they might have a flattened shape. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about your items getting compressed or destroyed while inside the messenger bag.

Besides the messenger bag has more than enough storage space, it’s best first to consider what you’re planning to store inside before buying one. Doing this will help you determine the most appropriate size you should get, be it for storing a laptop or work stuff.

Finding an item on your backpack is quite a hassle and often takes more time. This is because you either need to take it off or bend backward and awkwardly search whatever item you’re looking for inside the backpack. Thanks to the separate compartments in the inner pockets and compartments, you won’t have such trouble when locating an item in your messenger bag. 

Accessing items, be it your phone, spectacles, ballpen, or laptop charger, inside this bag is a breeze because this bag is positioned at your waist level.


Besides being ideal for use during the working days, you can also wear messenger bags during the weekend. This practicality and functionality of messenger bags are achieved thanks to its handy features that make it a worthwhile investment to own. These key features have been detailed in this article to help you buy the perfect messenger bag to use. 

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