4 Tips On How To Style Your Socks To Perfection

If you want to do something new with your style, your socks are not a bad place to go looking. Socks can easily be the final touch that makes your entire outfit stand out.

Attention to detail is one of the most vital things to any stylish outfit. One of the things that it pays off to pay attention to is socks. Socks are in at the moment – and the time for playing around with socks, making them an essential part of an outfit, has come. Socks are much more than black and grey. You can find all kinds of colourful socks and socks with laces, patterns, and ribbons. Check out these five simple tips on how to style your socks to perfection. 

1. The world is in colour

The days of thinking about socks as black, grey and white are over. But remember that the world is in colour, and so could your sock drawer be. There’s no reason not to explore the colourful world of socks. Colour is one of the most fascinating phenomena of our natural world, and so they can be when it comes to the choice of accessories such as socks. Colours can have a tremendous effect, and if you use them wisely, they can be the thing that makes your outfit pop.

2. Play around with length

Colours are not the only thing you can play around with – so is length. The length of your socks can make a huge difference to the overall look. If you want them to be in the background, you can choose a pair of ankle socks. If you, on the contrary, want them to stand out, you can choose crew length socks or long socks. The latter is a look that has become very popular in recent years because of its cool and stylish retro look. 

3. Patterns are made to be broken

Patterns are the big thing when it comes to socks. There are many fashion rules about patterns, and you are allowed to break them all. Your choice of patterns can give a dramatic or playful effect that will really make your outfit personal. Personality is often the key to a really good outfit. You can choose many basic or classic items, but it’s the small personal pieces that really make your outfit go from great to perfect. This item could be a patterned sock.

4. Basic can be effective

All this talk about the colourful and patterned can easily make it seem like the classic black sock is out. It’s not. On the contrary, the basics can have a huge effect if you use them right. In fact, white socks are one of the biggest trends this year. The key is not to go the boring way with them. The boring thing is choosing a black sock and hiding it away while we’re discussing socks, that is. A great way to go black or white could be to choose them in a crew length.

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