5 Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Transport

Weddings take a lot of careful planning from start to finish, with one of the most important aspects being the wedding transport to be used on that day. Even if this only involves the transportation of the couple, the rest of their wedding party, and their immediate families, it can take a big chunk out of your budget.

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Help is on hand, however, in the form of the following 5, and more, effective ways to save money on your wedding transport, according to

Book ahead of time! 

As with most other rental services, it is essential that you book your wedding transport as far before the big day as possible, because rates are cheaper the further ahead your booking is made. It is even more important to do this if you want some type of specialty vehicle or a vintage car. 

Shop around! 

To find the best wedding transport at the best possible rates will take some time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Contact a few companies, and don’t simply choose the one that offers the cheapest transport, because they are not always the best! Read reviews about these companies before you choose. Also, since word of mouth is known to be one the best form of advertising, get recommendations from family and friends about the companies they have used before.

Rent by the hour 

Many people rent wedding transport for the whole day, which can work out to be significantly expensive! Plenty of money is wasted by paying for a car and driver to wait for you if you do it this way. Renting by the hour makes perfect sense because then you will only be paying for the time that you actually need to use the vehicle.

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Have the ceremony and reception in the same location 

This is the one way that you can save an enormous amount of money for your wedding transport. Make sure to book the venues for the ceremony and reception in the same location, and you will not only save money because the driver won’t have to wait for you, but you will also save an enormous amount by only using one venue! 

Try negotiating! 

Most people are used to walking into a store to purchase something and be quite happy to pay the price displayed on the item. However, they will haggle over prices when they visit a local craft market and come to an agreed price with the merchant. There is no reason at all why you can’t do the same with your wedding transport because these companies are frequently happy to reduce their rates for certain things like the number of hours the transport is needed, or something that always helps when you tell them that you have received better rates form another company!

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In conclusion

Hiring a party bus as a form of wedding transport is another great option that you might want to consider. We have a range of vehicles to suit your needs. For more information regarding our company or the services we offer, then click here! We look forward to hearing from you and will be more than happy to assist you. 

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