5 Great Gift Ideas for a First Birthday Party

 If you have a kid that is just about to turn one year, you are obviously eagerly awaiting their first birthday celebration. At that age, the kid is already able to crawl around the house and walk aided by things or a baby walker. They can also make some sounds as they imitate their parents. On the other hand, picking a gift for them can be a bit complicated. This is because you have to narrow down to gifts that don’t pose any threat to their life. Remember, kids have a tendency of putting everything they come across into their mouth. And that’s where the risk lies. There are many reports of kids that died after they swallowed parts of a toy due to choking. Kids enjoy getting their hands on new items every day. Make their first gift experience more special by wrapping it in special tissue paper. This way they can easily tear the gift with their own hands and discover the joys of opening presents. Choose tissue paper that can be personalized and are made from recycled materials so you don’t have to fret about the cleanup later. Besides that, you have to pick a toy that will capture their attention. Here is a collection of gifts that you can buy for a one year old.

  1. Toy Phone

 A toy phone is a perfect gift for a child’s first birthday. This is because it lets them get a feel of using a real phone. After using the toy for a while to make pretend calls, the kid will realize that the remote control can never function like a phone. The good thing is that the toy phone is designed to resemble a real mobile device. It actually comes with buttons that are shaded with bright colors. The phone also has melodies that are triggered when the buttons are pressed. Although the phone runs on batteries, it doesn’t need to be charged like a real phone. The other advantage is that the toy is housed in a durable plastic cover that prevents it from getting damaged.

  1. Stacking Toy

 A stacking toy can either be made from plastic or wooden material. But the problem of buying a plastic one is that it may never last for long. This is because it can’t survive from being thrown around. Regardless of the material, the toy comes with bright and unique colors that make it appealing to a 1 year old. The bowls come in various sizes and are designed to fit into each other. The child can therefore stack and remove them or even use them at bath time to pour water on themselves.

  1. Fountain Bowl Set

 A fountain bowl is basically a collection of bowls that are of different sizes. According to Today, they actually resemble a stacking toy by a great deal. The only difference is that they have holes poked on their sides. They are painted with different colors so that the kid can learn to associate with various shades. The good thing is that they can be passed over to other siblings once the kid has overgrown them.

  1. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

 The toy is actually designed to resemble a tree, only that it comes with a table top that’s integrated with other features that are mounted or engraved on some boards. The table top is full of activities that can keep a 1 year old engaged. There are gliders, spring flaps, spinning dials and bead runs among so many other features. The other benefit is that the toy is designed to be sturdier so that it doesn’t fall off in case the child attempts to use it to push himself up from the ground.

  1. Big Bobby Classic Car

 This toy is definitely one of the perfect gifts for 1 year old. The fact that the child can ride on it makes it so thrilling. This is because it lets the child take control of their game. For a start, the toy is fitted with an ergonomic chair. The child can actually opt to ride while seated or kneeling. The good thing is that there is enough space for their tender knees. The steering wheel is also designed to be rugged to prevent it from slipping away. 

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