5 Hair Care And Styling Trends To Expect In 2022

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As a new year begins, many are excited about the latest beauty trends they can try for a style change. When it comes to hairstyling, the year 2022 offers transformations that lean towards a natural and effortless look. It may be because some beauty enthusiasts from the new generation promote wearing one’s natural hair color and texture with pride to support racial equality and women empowerment around the globe. Thus, hair care and styling trends in the coming years are expected to stick with this movement.   

With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can switch your hairstyle and care for your hair to take it closer to its natural color and texture. Here are some suggestions you can consider for hair care and styling in 2022:  

  • Fringes   

Bangs will continue to be a trend this year as it allows you to update your look while retaining your hair length. Also, it won’t require any drastic changes to your natural color and texture. To add, you’re free to try different styles depending on your face shape and hair type. For instance, women with curly fringes may need to use a styling cream to enhance texture and definition. On the other hand, using a medium hold hair spray may be helpful for those with naturally straight or wavy hair to hold the fringes in place.   

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  • Sleek And Glossy   

Another style that would be interesting to try this year is the sleek and straight look. This style may take you back to the basics, as the center part is also expected to be back on trend. Combined, these styles will give you a minimalist and structured vibe.

The key to making your hair stand out is to enhance the gloss that would give it a rich and healthy glow. Since many opted to do DIY hair treatments in the past couple of years, having naturally shiny and healthy hair is expected to be the norm. Thus, one way to boost your hair’s shine is to use vitamin-rich hair oils and sprays to add sheen to the cuticles and make your hair softer to the touch. These products will not only give more definition to your hairstyle but also nourish your hair with the right nutrients.

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  • Skin And Hair Care Crossover   

Having healthy hair will be the prime goal for hair enthusiasts this year. Due to this, more and more hair products incorporate ingredients commonly used for skin care as many of them can also boost hair strength, shine, and volume. Product ingredients such as glycolic and hyaluronic acids traditionally used for skin toning brightening are now used in different kinds of shampoos and hair treatment products.

Also, people believe that scalp care should be done the same way as skincare. Given this, products such as scalp scrubs, hair serums, and micellar shampoos are seen to grow in popularity.

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  • Going Natural   

Because of limited access to hair salons and professional hair treatments in the past years, many resorted to growing out their natural hair. Beauty experts see this trend as a progressive step towards embracing one’s natural hair color and texture that, in some ways, promotes having a positive self-image and acceptance of ethnic diversity. Because of its substantial impact, many believe that this trend will continue to revolutionize beauty standards across the globe.

Since the natural look is expected to take center stage for this new year, you can consider investing in a hair care routine that would help you boost your hair’s overall health. This way, you’re able to maintain and enhance its natural beauty. You can also take the opportunity to learn new styles that would best suit your natural hair color and texture.   

  • Volume And Bounce   

Aside from healthy glow and shine, treatments and styling that would add more bounce and volume to the hair will become in demand this year. From heatless curlers to DIY blowouts, styling techniques and products that would make the hair voluminous may become handy, especially if you’re dressing up to go out. As such, it may be a great time to take out those styling tools and learn a few tricks to get yourself ready for important occasions.   

On the other hand, getting a layered haircut may be another way to achieve the volume and bounce you want, especially if you have naturally thin or limp hair. It is convenient if you wish for a wash-and-wear hairstyle that won’t take very long to fix.   


The year 2022 paves the way for embracing the natural when it comes to hair care and styling. It may be a drastic change for some especially those who have become accustomed to chemical-based treatments which tend to conceal natural colors and textures. However, this latest trend may be seen as an opportunity to go back to the basics and embrace one’s uniqueness. It can also be a way to rejuvenate your hair and scalp by investing in their health and protection.   


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