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5 Household Remedies to help you look younger and avoid pimple breakouts

A pimple breakout is one of the most awful things that can possibly happen to you when you are determind to look fresher and younger. Getting the best skin and facial products is certainly on everyone’s list, but given all skins are different, the challenge is to find the right products that suits yours. To overcome this challenge you need to self-educate on skin care best practices and also complement this process with vale-for-money investments to acquire the right products.

Aside from making sure that the skin looks and stays fresh, you have to look out for acne problems which can make you look years older. In addition to using great skin treats, you can also utilise natural pimple curing remedies that will help you get rid of those pimples by using simple stuff that is quite easy to find in your house. Here are some quick cheats in treating acne:

Ice Cubes

The cold is certainly a good thing when you have pimples because it can minimize the size of the acne and it helps in easing the pain. One cool trick that you can use when you are dealing with pimples is to take a few ice cubes. Then, you should get a clean cloth and wrap the ice cube in the cloth. Rub the cloth to your face, gently concentrating on the area with breakouts until you feel as if it has become numb. In case of acne, hold the ice to the area affected for about five minutes.


Egg Whites

One of the most useful things when you are having issues with acne is egg whites. The primary reason why there are a lot of girls who love using egg white is because it can absorb oil and at the same time draw impurities out of the skin. First, you have to separate the yolk after breaking the egg. You have to make sure that the white part is mixed until there are bubbles. After mixing, you have to cover your face with this and leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes.  Then, you can wash your face in water.


This happens to be one of the quickest cures for acne especially when you are interested in getting rid of that zit instantly. Plus, this happens to be one of the most proven and tested methods that you can do overnight. Toothpaste has a way of drying out the pimple, so leaving it overnight will reduce the swelling and make your face look better. You can see the difference in your face in 2 to 3 days.



Another staple in your kitchen that you can easily find is sugar. Sugar happens to be a natural exfoliator, making it a great choice for a quick way to look pretty. Sugar has a way of clogging pores and this helps out a lot when you are dealing with pimples. You can create a scrub using sugar and other ingredients which can be easily found in your kitchen to create a scrub. Simply mix white and brown sugar with a bit of coarse sea salt, vanilla extract and vanilla bean and olive oil for your scrub. Mix everything and store it in a jar so that you can use one spoonful for a daily scrub.


For a lot of people, tea is one of the best ways to find relief from stress. However, this ia not the only thing that it does, it is also a great solution for acne. Green or herbal tea has been a popular remedy for a lot of problems and for those who hate acne that pops out when their menstruation period is about to begin, Chasteberry tea is a great remedy. Organic tea can also be applied directly to the affected area by using a cotton ball.


Acne is one of the biggest skincare problems that can plague a lot of women, so it is useful to have some cheats which will help you deal with it it. With this quick cheats and great facial care products, you can get rid of acne and keep your skin staying young and fresh.

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