5 Important Tips To Find Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones

A gift is not just an item, it is a channel of communicating your feeling to the person you are giving it. Just as some people don’t care about the kind of items they gift, so are their recipients ― they care less about what they get from them.

This is why people who care and would like to express it with presents choose personalized gifts for loved ones such as personalized jewelry, custom keychain, personalized wallet, etc. But then, deciding on which specific gift is best is usually not an easy task.

In this article, we will be exploring some tips to help you pick what will not only wow your loved ones, but will help communicate your true feeling.

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Reason for the gift

There are specific gifts for different occasions. The occasion will also determine the manner and sequence of presenting the gift. However, if someone informed ahead not to bring any gift, you should respect their wish. You can instead show you care by giving them a phone call to celebrate, console or motivate depending on the situation.

Birthday: What is your relationship with this person? If it’s a bosom friend, you may know what they always yearn for. Growing up, do they have a favorite book, try to get something like the first edition of the book with the author’s autograph and gift them. Give them a gift that brings back your friendship memory. For a romantic relationship, you may want to give the person a present that reminds them of the journey so far and how appreciative you are.

Funeral: To answer the question in your mind, YES, gifts are allowed at a funeral. If you are close to the deceased, such as a relative, personalize the gift. An artful photo collage that reminds everyone of the person (in their happy state) may do the trick.

Anniversary: The perfect gift for a birthday will to a larger extent be determined by the age of the person. For the wedding anniversary, if you don’t know what to get the couple, get some inspiration from the traditional way. 1st anniversary for instance is called paper.


The fact that you are getting a loved one a gift doesn’t mean you should get yourself into debt. Gift what you can afford, at least, the best you can afford. You don’t want a situation where they are happy and you are left with sadness back in your room.

Here is what we mean, even though someone is so important to you and they would love to have their car changed, you don’t have to take a loan to get them the car of their dream. Moreover, that can’t be the only thing they need at the moment. So, if you are thinking of gifting them something they really need at the moment, consider the following:

If in a similar situation, what would you be expected to be gifted without the giver breaking the bank?

What is the most recent occurrence in their lives? Did they just relocate? Just got married? Or do they quit their jobs to start their own business?

Do they want a gift? If not, would treating them to a picnic road trip or special outing be a good idea?

Donate to a charity

Hey! Relax. We are not recommending you do this for everybody you want to celebrate.

This option is great for a loved one who you think has everything.

Find out something they are passionate about, such as wildlife. Check if they run or support a non-profit that is promoting the movement. Donate to the NGO in their name and send the receipt to them as a gift.

Check out their social media pages

Not to stalk them thou, if that is what you are thinking. On the flip side, many people (maybe you are guilty too), put a lot of information about themselves on social media.

Check through their pages maybe you could get a clue about things they like. You could also tease them with it if they get elated about the gift you presented to them. 

Say it With a Card

Often, the best way to make sure your gift is perfect is to add a card. With a card, it becomes easier to convey exactly what you feel and makes your gift even more special. 

For example, if you are the parent of a teenager, you might have trouble picking the perfect gift. After all, teenagers are never really sure what they want. If you are uncertain about picking out a gift, you could always look for some teen birthday cards. By simply adding sweet or funny teenager birthday cards, you can let them know how special they are. 

Check their shopping cart

This is only recommended if you are close to the person in question such as your hubby, sibling or parent. If you share a computer for instance, and they are fond of shopping online, check their cart to see things they would like to get.

To confirm they need the item, subtly bring it up in a discussion to see confirm they’re still interested in getting it.

You may surprise the person by having the item delivered to their residence.

In case you don’t have the access to their shopping cart, suggest a visit to the mall. Observe things they check out. This could also give hint on what to get them as a present.

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