5 Key Reasons To Choose A Scooter

When it comes to motor vehicles that just have that element of cool about them, then it is hard to think any further than the style, elegance and class of a motor scooter. Brands like Vespa and Lambretta, and the look of the Ace Faces from the iconic film Quadrophenia just make scooters a classic must have. When you add into that the fact that a classic, retro style scooter can cost less than £1000, then you start to see why scooters are continuing to grow in popularity as a nifty little run around for city living.



Direct Bikes a have a whole site just dedicated to scooters and are the UK’S NO.1 selling Scooter brand as confirmed by the DVLA,  with models that range from sports designs to those highly coveted retro looks. They can also help you to source your must have, essential scooter insurance too.

So why should you choose a scooter?

  1. Scooters are safer than both motorbikes and mopeds. A study in Australia by Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS-Q), claimed to be the first to compare the safety levels of mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles. And it was the scooter which came top when compared against other two wheeled motorists.
  2. Scooters are a relatively inexpensive form of transport when compared to other methods. They are cheaper to buy at the outset, cheaper to maintain, and their fuel economy is much better, so this makes them a better option if you are working to a budget.
  3. The Maintenance is pretty simple. An occasional oil change and oil filter replacement is pretty much the maintenance required, when compared to a car, or a motorbike, it bares no comparison in terms of time or cost.
  4. Perfect for the commute. Scooters are nifty and reliable and perfectly capable of taking you from A to B, whether that to work, to meet friends, or for a trip to the local shop. The economical aspect of this is part of the beauty, but it is also far easier to park than your car.
  5. They are fairly easy to use, even if you’ve never driven one before.


All this, and they look cool and iconic, whether it is Elizabeth Taylor in Rome, or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, or you, heading out to pick up a magazine.

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