5 money making and saving tricks for busy mommies

Making money whilst being a full-time mommy seems to be impossible, but you can save a lot of money by following these 5 evergreen techniques.

Look out for grocery offers

Most of us love doing our groceries by going into the supermarket. But the problem is its always tricky to find want you are looking for because the store keeps on changing the location of our favourite brand and stuff which is on offer is always on limited supply and often off the shelve. I always prefer shopping online. Within a few seconds you can find out what’s on offer and the best thing is you don’t have to waste time and carry stuff around the store to look out for best deals. It saves time and defiantly saves money, try it if you don’t do your groceries online, I’m sure you will appreciate the savings, in my opinion, you can save up to 10% on overall shopping. 

Sell your unwanted gadgets

We all have unwanted gadgets lying somewhere in our house and we often underestimate the value they hold. These gadgets lose their value over time, and the best Scenario is if you sell them. I have found out selling gadgets online is much easier than selling them to a store. The gadgets you can quickly sell online include old mobile phones, PlayStation and other gaming consoles along with unwanted and old laptops. You can sell a Samsung Galaxy A3 or even sell a broken iPhone 7 to an online recycling company for instant cash. There are many companies which offer online trade-in services which allow you to send off your unwanted gadgets for free and receive cash once they have tested your device. 

Look out for clothing offers

Moms are always looking forward to buying new clothing for their babies, and nowadays with the pound depreciating against the dollar, everything seems to be getting expensive. In that Scenario, it would recommend use the internet and go to your favourite brand’s website and sometimes you will be surprised that a top brand is selling a fantastic pair of joggers for maybe £2. I have used GAP baby clothing and found it a great experience as it allowed me to save a lot, defiantly more than what I would have saved on in-store sales. 

Browse best possible energy deals

There is no way you can find a good energy deal without learning how to read your energy meters and how to calculate your energy bills. Educate yourself and use the internet to find the best possible deal for yourself. And trust me it’s worth it. Also, look out for new companies in your area they are always looking for more client base. If you are unsure about your energy usage, try getting a smart meter. Most of the energy suppliers are offering free installation on smart meters, it will help you keep an eye on your usage and bills. 

How to find the cheapest car insurance

Finding cheap car insurance is easy, at least that’s what everyone thinks. Well, the rule of thumb does not use comparison websites. They charge hefty premiums and referral fees to the insurance companies, and you end up paying a lot more than what you should have to start with. Always use google to find out the best possible company which is not on any comparison website. For instance, check the direct line, I’m sure it will be cheaper than the cheapest quote offered on an insurance comparison website. 

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