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5 Quick Fixes for Easy Hair Removal and Healthy Happy Skin


If you’re looking forward to a hair-free summer with smooth and healthy skin, you’ll need these five tips for easier hair removal. The following tricks will help your chosen hair removal method work better and keep your skin healthy and happy. The best, and most long lasting method of hair removal is through laser hair removal done professionally by a company like Infusion Well Being which promises smooth and silky skin in six simple steps. They use ‘crystal freeze’ technology that targets the hair follicles to slow down hair growth, which is exactly what you want when you are getting your body Summer ready.

Let it Grow

If you plan to shave daily all summer, this rule doesn’t apply. But if you want to use a depilatory cream, laser treatment, or waxing, you’ll need to let the hair grow first. Short hair doesn’t leave much to grab onto, so waxing and depilatory creams won’t work as well in thinner areas. It seems counterintuitive, but as this Huffington Post bikini wax Q&A explains, one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch is the ideal length pre-removal.

Ice it Down

Many hair removal methods sting, and this includes creams, laser treatments, epilators, and waxing. If possible, ice the area before applying hair removal treatment. It will reduce the ouch factor of any treatment by numbing the area. It might also help prevent redness after treatment.

Test for Sensitivity

Depilatory creams are popular for their pain-free tendencies, but they do contain strong chemicals that dissolve hair. Rather than apply a thick layer of depilatory cream all over your entire body, start out by testing a small area. This sample will tell you whether it’s ok to slather on the cream, or if you need to find another hair removal option.

Aftercare is Key

After removing hair with chemical methods, rinse well so that all the product washes away. Don’t follow hair removal treatment with spray tans or other tanning products, and limit sun exposure. Treat your bare skin with a nourishing moisturizer or lotion after any hair removal process to reduce bumpiness or rash. For effective facial hair removal, keep your hands off! Touching the skin deposits oils and yuck from your hands onto your face, resulting in unhappy skin.

Reduce Exposure

The whole point of hair removal is to hit the beach or pool, right? Summer calls for smooth and healthy skin, but the most important way to ensure it stays healthy is to apply sunscreen. This is vital after using depilatory creams or laser treatments since the skin is vulnerable immediately following treatment. But you don’t need to slather on a thick layer of SPF 200 since an SPF 30 is enough for most summertime sunbathing.

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