5 Reasons To Simplify Your Daily Skincare Routine

There are countless products and treatments on the market that all seem to promise remarkable results. We are continually bombarded with info on the subsequent excellent age-defying beauty treatment. There is always something new to try, and it’s mixed in with so much conflicting information.

We rarely stop to give it thought. If we did, would it make perfect sense to ascribe to a routine of a million different compounds and chemicals when there exist things like Bio-oil gel? Natural and proven solutions exist, and we don’t opt to try this route in our daily routine. Let’s step back from the subject briefly and ask a few simple questions about our daily skincare routine.

Do The Ridiculous Premium Products Work?

No, no better than the cheap stuff. Several products have minor temporary advantages, but study after study has shown us that the effective ingredients in any skincare product come down to the moisturizing agents. Moisturizing is critical, yes, but it doesn’t have to come at the price of a small lakeside cottage. With a bit of research and testing, you can find an inexpensive product that works to replace the mess and face that comes with brandishing an arsenal of haughty products. Often, even homemade skincare products such as scrubs and moisturizers work just as well as high-end products.

Just Washing Your Face Does More Than You May Think

We know it’s an essential part of skincare, washing our faces. The thing is that we often underestimate just how important and effective it is. Clogged pores and bacteria cause several skin-related problems. Makeup and other products only serve to antagonize the problem. This isn’t to say that you aren’t fastidious; it just means that your skin comes into contact with airborne irritants and other nasties through the course of your day. You can cut down on the numerous skin treatments by washing your face twice a day instead of once.

A Daily Refresher

You could easily spend less time on your skincare routine if you keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Weather, stress, and other factors can cause your skin to become dry during the day. This is only exacerbated by direct sunlight. A convenient compact skin refreshing mist can help keep skin moisturized and avoid a lot of the damage your skin will suffer during your day.

Sunlight Is Not Your Friend

An essential step in simplifying your routine is to reduce the amount of damage control you need. While sunlight is an excellent and natural source of vitamin D, it is also the greatest threat to the health of your skin. Any prolonged exposure (longer than 10 to 15 minutes) can cause skin damage. That is not to mention the risk of melanomas. 

Use sunblock as part of your skincare routine. While some lotions offer a bit of SPF protection, nothing beats a dedicated sunblock lotion. The practical upshot is that not only will doing so help you simplify your daily routine, but it also helps avoid the damage for which you need a prolonged daily routine. 


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