5 Reasons You Need A Wireless Bra For Summer

After a long, cold winter, it’s nice to get into your lightweight clothing and enjoy the sun. However, finding a bra that is comfortable and supportive for all your summer clothing and activities can be challenging. The wireless bras of the past that a reputation for little support, but today’s options offer some unique features. These are the reasons you need a wireless option for your summer wardrobe.

Maximum Comfort for Hot Weather

Although they may start out comfortable, by the end of the day, wired bras can become incredibly uncomfortable. They seem to poke you in the sides, and they are stiff and restrict movement.

Wireless bras mold to your body and move with it, giving you freedom and flexibility. They also provide support through cushioning rather than wires. If you choose the right bra, you will even be comfortable enough to sleep in it. In addition, they provide coverage and breathability as the temperatures and humidity rise, allowing your breasts to breathe and keeping them cooler.

Great To Wear Under Loose Clothing

As you search for the perfect bra, you should also look for one that provides support and looks great under loose clothing. The good news is that wireless bras fit the bill. Your clothing will no longer catch on the wires as you move, bend and shift. Because these bras encourage a more natural look, your clothing will lay properly, even if it is loose and flowy.

Benefits Your Health

Did you know that your bra could keep your body from flushing out harmful toxins? Most of these toxins run through your lymph system but can stop proper lymph drainage. This is especially true for wired bras because of where the wire sits. Wireless bras, though supportive, do not hinder this drainage.

Even the most comfortable wired bra can limit your breathing, preventing you from taking deep breaths. However, wireless bras move with your body and do not restrict your chest or rib cage, so they do not impede your breathing.

More Natural Look

Wired bras move your breasts into a predetermined shape, and the tissues that aren’t moved can push over the bra, making your body look lumpy. Wireless bras mold to your breasts rather than pushing them into a different shape. They are supportive without pushing making them appear overly large.

Because your shape is more natural, they look great under any type of clothing. You will feel more comfortable about how you look in addition to feeling more comfortable.

Helps Prevent Sagging Boobs

You may be surprised to learn that sagging breasts may be the result of consistently wearing underwire bras. They increase sagging because they push your breasts into different shapes while restricting their natural movement. When your breasts are allowed to move naturally throughout the day, the muscles and tissues of your breasts get the workout they need.  

Experience the benefits of wireless bras by testing out some great options. Consider taking the bra size quiz to find the right options for you.

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