5 Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor

If you’re concerned about your child’s slipping grades or feel they are lacking in confidence with their school work, hiring a private tutor may help give them the extra support they need. An independent school in East Yorkshire has highlighted some of the signs your child might benefit from extra tuition. To help make your decision, keep reading to find out more.

They’re Falling Behind

If your child’s grades start slipping It may just be that they never fully mastered the basics before their class moved on to more advanced learning. This is like building a house on an uneven foundation, soon cracks will start to appear! A tutor can help to fill in the gaps in your child’s basic knowledge and can spend time working on specific areas they are struggling with to help them reach their goals.

They Can’t Grasp Certain Concepts

Every child has a unique way of learning, and in a classroom of up to 30 children it’s pretty much impossible for a teacher to tailor their delivery to suit the needs of each and every child. A tutor will be able to try different approaches and find a way to break things down for your child in a way that they understand, to help them master the concepts they find tricky, for instance, a chemistry tutor could help your child if this is an area they struggle in.

You may also need a tutor if you are trying to achieve in a specific examination, or to gain a specific qualification. For instance, your child may need a vce tutor if they are studying in Victoria.

They Lack Confidence in Their Abilities

When children start to believe they aren’t clever or capable enough, they tend to lose interest and switch off in school. If your child is struggling it is important to act quickly before they start to doubt their abilities. A tutor can help to build a child’s confidence by explaining things in ways they understand and nurturing a drive to succeed. Once your child starts to recognise their progress with their tutor, they are likely to approach school with a renewed sense of optimism.

They Struggle to Focus

A classroom provides endless opportunities for distraction and procrastination. If your child gets bored easily they may struggle to remain task focused in school and could end up missing important information. The one-to-one learning experience a tutor provides could help your child remain on task as they will be constantly engaged and won’t have the opportunity to indulge in distractions.

They Have Learning Difficulties

One-to-one tutoring is priceless for children with learning difficulties as it allows them to tackle subjects at their own pace and gives them all the extra support they need.Falling behind peers can be incredibly frustrating and can impact on a child’s self esteem, but specialised SEN tutors can help to break down barriers for children with learning difficulties and encourage them to recognise their strengths and

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