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5 Simple Yet Thoughtful Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

With Mother’s Day gently approaching us, it is the time of the year when your mum needs to be reminded how amazing she is. 

Although we should remind her that every day, expressing your love and gratitude for your dear mother on this special day is imperative. 

Well then, how do we do it? Most other children go on with the normal routine of Mother’s Day cards and gifts. While cards and gifts are essential, what else can you do to make this day special?

Let us tell you.

During this time of the year, most kids and adults are looking for interesting Mother’s Day ideas to make their mums happy. Therefore, in this article, we have put together a list of some simple yet thoughtful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. 

  • Start the Day With Mother’s Day Gifts and Cards

No matter what you have planned for the rest of the day, it has to start with some beautiful Mother’s Day cards and gifts along with some delicious breakfast in bed.

With so many options to choose from, we’re sure it won’t be very hard to choose the right gift for your mum. However, if you would like some suggestions you can always check out this amazing Mother’s Day gift list

As far as the breakfast in bed is concerned, make sure you make it light, simple and include one of your mother’s favourite dishes. 

  • Plan a Day Out With Mommy

A fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to plan the whole day with mommy by taking her to all of her favourite places. 

Amusement parks, malls or a fun and exciting activity centre, nothing is out of bounds. All you need to ensure is that she is having a good time. 

You can also take her out to her favourite restaurants for lunch and dinner. Celebrate the day with her favourite food and surprise her with some handwritten letters.

  • Give Her a Free Day

Now, this is another delightful surprise for busy mums. Not that all mums aren’t busy, but you know what we mean. Give the entire day to herself.

How to manage that? Take care of all her tasks for the day and take the family out. Let her enjoy having the whole house to herself and doing whatever she wants.

Make her some breakfast in bed and order her favourite dish for lunch. Then by the end of the day, be back with some delicious food and the whole family can have some delicious dinner together. Seems perfect, no?

  • Plan a Spa Day for Her and Her Friends

All mums would kill for a relaxing spa day. Well, don’t ask her to kill anyone for it but plan the perfect spa day for her and her friends. 

You can also plan it just for her if she prefers that. However, make sure you include an amazing full-body massage, some mani-pedi and a peaceful session of aromatherapy.

Meanwhile, prepare for an amazing lunch with some chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne and whatever she wants. Believe it or not, after this, you’ll be the favourite child.

  • A Family Picnic and a Photo Shoot

All mums love their families but what do they love even more? Family picnics and family photos. Combine the fun and joy of both and make the day all the more special.

This Mother’s Day, pack some tasty lunch for the whole family and head to a nice, sunny spot for a lovely family picnic. Choose a nice park or a sweet spot in the midst of nature. 

Once you’ve planned the picnic, hire a professional photographer to capture those beautiful moments and make them last forever. Your mum is going to have the time of her life watching her family spend some happy moments together. 


With these amazing Mother’s Day ideas, you can make the best out of the day and surprise your mum with some memorable experiences.

We hope this article gives you some good ideas and you’re able to manage and plan the perfect Mother’s Day for your mum. We wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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