5 Style Choices For Working Women

The average workday is hard enough without having to worry about what to wear. It also seems unfair that this burden is always placed on the women of the office. A simple suit doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. Now you have to get creative with your outfits, all while looking appropriate for the job.

There’s no need to worry any longer. We’ve compiled a few fashion choices for the women of the workplace. Next time you feel the struggle, take our advice and show up to work in style.

Office Workers

There are a lot more style choices available to women that work in an office. As you are often sat at a desk, this means that you aren’t going to suffer through the wear and tear that many other jobs entail. This does not mean that dressing is easy, however.

The best choice for women in the office is to keep it simple. Try to stay away from heavy make-up and jewellery. There is such a thing as going overboard. Also, stick to clothing options that do not show too much skin. This includes open toed shoes.

One reason for this is because it makes you appear more professional, but it also means that you can stay warm with little effort. You will be thankful for this when travelling home in the dead of winter.

Working From Home

You may think that there is no need to worry about fashion when working from home. Nobody is going to see you so why should you care? 

While this is often the case, dressing properly can help boost your self-esteem. Working from home can often cause you to lose your sense of purpose, and can also be quite isolating. Getting out of your pyjamas goes a long way to improving your work conditions. Even a knitwear sweater from online stores such as Luella and some joggers will do. Make sure that you look after yourself at home and your work days will get a lot more productive.

Working Outdoors

The best fashion solutions for those of you that work outside often involve protecting yourself against the weather. However, your options aren’t completely limited. You can always take the layering approach.

This means that you can wear the right clothes for work, perhaps some sweats and protective gear, but bring a stylish coat along with you. Therefore, you are dressed properly for the job, but still get to walk about in a stylish way.

Also, dressing for the weather does not always mean that you are restricted to certain outfits. The main thing to avoid in winter is cotton. Any other material will suit you just fine.

Being Creative

Once again, the artistic field seems like a place where you get to dress exactly how you want. There are still some tips that can help you, though.

Art has always influenced how we dress, so try to take this on board when working in a creative sector. Try to mix and match outfits, or be as individualistic as possible. People will react to you better when you look just as cutting edge as your work.


At the end of the day, your choice of outfit is entirely up to you. These are just a few style tips that may help you in the workplace. Everyone is different, so try to reflect hat in the way you dress and you will feel more confident overall.

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