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5 things to consider before you invest in a home gym

Having your very own home gym offers convenience and privacy. You don’t need to travel far just to exercise or have to put up with sweat on machines and gym equipment. But before deciding to ditch the gym and build your own, you might want to look at these five things before investing in a home gym.

Location and space. Do you have enough space at home that can be converted into a home gym? The space consideration is important since this will be a place that will house all the equipment you will need when working out. When choosing a space, consider the biggest equipment that you need to fit inside. If you’ll be using a rack then check typical rack dimensions online or at your local gym. This space should also be an area that you would like to spend time in and one that gets you in a positive mood. If you enjoy natural light then make sure the room lets in plenty of natural light to motivate you in exercising. Proper ventilation is also necessary so the room won’t be hot and stuffy.


Budget. Building a home gym involves spending. You have to spend for designing your space as well as for any equipment or machine that you will be using. It is important that you set a budget as to how much are you willing to spend for your home gym. This will keep you in check so that you will be able to monitor your expenses. There are many websites where you can find home fitness equipment for sale online, so make sure you shop around.

Ensuring your equipment is maintained in order to keep it safe and in good working order is also very important. Gym equipment, even if bought second hand, is expensive, so it is worth looking into companies that offer reputable gym equipment maintenance services in case of malfunctions that need to be repaired.

Equipment. Before getting the equipment for your home gym, know first what you want to train for or what your workout program is. This way, you will be getting the equipment that will be suited for your workout program and only investing in the equipment that you will need. Think about whether you need a bench press, reformer machines or some sort of treadmill. What sort of exercise do you plan to do?  Invest in quality equipment so that you will be able to use them for a long period of time. A good place to look for equipment would be at auction sites. Also, don’t immediately get the big and expensive equipment unless you are really going to need it in your workout and unless you are going to use it often.

The right fit. Aside from making sure that the equipment you are getting will be able to meet your specific workout needs, check also that the equipment will be able to fit your home gym. Know the measurements of your home gym as well as the equipment before getting it. And because a home gym is not for everyone, consider if you will really be more effective working out at home, if a home gym is a right fit for you. Are you the one who enjoys gym classes or is motivated by other people working out? Will training alone work for you? Evaluate why you would like to invest in a home gym and if it really is for you.

Workout plan. Finally, you need to set your own workout plan or exercise plan. This is a schedule that you need to follow. Create a schedule where you will be able to concentrate on working out and one where you won’t get distracted. If you have little kids around, make sure your husband/wife, as well as the kids, know that you intend to workout during this schedule so that you won’t get distracted. Remember to be consistent and to stick to your schedule so you can achieve positive results.

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