5 Tips And Suggestions For Moving In With Your SO

When it’s time to up the ante on your relationship and move in with your partner, it can be an intimidating prospect. After all, whose style and décor will win out and reign supreme? Although you and your loved one may not agree that those black curtains are a “must-have,” it’s still possible to overcome your design differences and have fun collaborating on the setup and style of your home. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks for moving in with your SO.

Before You Move In

Before you shack up with your partner, ask yourself and your partner the following questions:

  • Why are we moving in together?
  • Can we handle conflicts as a team?
  • Where do we want to live?
  • What does a successful relationship look like?
  • How will we communicate about money?
  • Do we want to get a joint bank account?

More than anything, an open line of communication is incredibly important to establish before you move in together. If you can be honest and open, you can easily overcome any conflicts that crop up while you’re living together.

Tip #1: Figure Out What Level of Renovation You Want

If you are ready to tear down parts of your home to make way for your partner, it’s a good idea to figure out how you’re going to finance those changes. For example, a personal loan or even a VA refinance loan might be in order for larger renovation projects.

Make sure you do your homework and figure out the terms and conditions of each option. And don’t forget to shop around! Different lenders will offer you slightly different options.

Tip #2: Brainstorm What You Want to Tackle First

Before you start taking down load-bearing walls, make a plan! Take an afternoon to sit together and strategize what home remodeling you’re going to tackle first. This process should be starting before you or your partner start moving in so you can decide whose furniture and belongings will go where.

Tip #3: Thrift and Bargain-Hunt

You don’t need to spend your life savings to furnish your new place, instead, you can focus on finding key pieces of furniture through apps like OfferUp or websites like Craigslist. You might even score some things for free! 

Plus, you can also use these types of apps and software to sell some of your old stuff, too! This will make room for you and your partner’s new furniture and new life together.

Tip #4: Give Each Other Space

If your space is big enough, make sure to carve out a little corner or even an entire room dedicated to yourself and your partner. Each person should have a space that they can retreat to if they want to do their favorite hobby or just have a little alone time. 

Even the most loving relationships need a little space sometimes! After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

Tip #5: Talk About Money

One of the biggest issues that couples begin to fight about after moving in together is money. After all, you’re going to now be sharing living expenses with your partner. You’ll likely be splitting the rent, bills, and grocery expenses along with any other relevant costs. Will one person pay the bulk of rent because they make more money with their job? Will one person be responsible for taking on the bills and ensuring they’re paid on time? Who will put down a deposit for rent? Who will establish the utilities? Who will be the main contact for landlord or banking issues?

These are good questions to have answers to before you move in. It will help you avoid arguments in the future, too.

Shacking Up Together: Tips and Tricks

When you first move in with a loved one, it can be a serious adjustment. After all, now you might wake up to a morning person who wants to have a full-on conversation at 6 am when you just want to sleep in until 10 am. It’s important to realize that there will initially be a calibration period as you get accustomed to each other’s schedules and living style in at home. However, living together is an exciting step! Use these tips to make the process more painless and streamlined.

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