5 Tools To Improve Your Health Today

In 2020, we learned that our health is our wealth. Now, we know it’s more important than ever to take care of our bodies and treat them well in order to live a long and fulfilling life. Health is a multifaceted thing and our health journeys encompass many different elements, from nutrition and fitness to medicine. While there is plenty to be said for a good bodyweight exercise routine and eating your fruits and veggies, sometimes we need to call in reinforcements either from tools that can improve our health or from experts like this professional invisalign London dentist. Today, there are plenty of tools at our disposal that can make a healthy lifestyle more achievable and make our efforts more fruitful. Here are some ideas to add to your wish list. 

Zero Gravity Bed

Good sleep is a cornerstone of good health. Our time spent sleeping is when our body recuperates, regenerates and resets everything. This is your time to rest, recharge your body and heal both physical and mental ailments. Naturally, if we’re not sleeping well, this will have a negative effect on that rest and recovery time, leaving you more vulnerable to health problems and other general daily struggles like low energy. Investing in your sleep is never a bad idea – a zero gravity bed replicates the weightless feeling of no gravity, evenly distributing your weight for maximum comfort. On top of feeling great, this offers a lot of medical benefits, like improved circulation, easing of back and neck pain, relieved pressure on your heart and can even aid in digestion!

White Noise Machine

Still on the topic of sleep, another trick you could pull out of your sleeve is the art of white noise. If you struggle to fall asleep or are constantly bothered by the sounds of the city of a snoring partner, you might want to consider something to drown out the noise and lull you into a state of relaxation. A white noise machine can offer just that, bringing calm and quiet to your mind while you’re drifting off to sleep and throughout the night. Often, these machines offer more than just white noise and can be switched over to play soothing sounds of a rainforest, a crashing ocean or gentle raindrops on your rooftop – whatever helps you to sleep at night.

Diffusers and/or Air Purifiers 

The air we breathe might not be something we consider often, but it plays an important role in our health. An air purifier is a device that filters and cleans the air circulating in your home, ensuring that you’re not breathing in any harmful pollutants and minimising dust. This is a great and simple addition to your healthy lifestyle. Diffusers, on the other hand, offer a little bit more. These devices diffuse essential oils that can provide various physical and mental health benefits. On top of using this device for easier breathing, you can also diffuse oils to help with stress and relaxation, headaches, focus and even digestion. The benefits are endless and this is a gift that keeps giving to your health and wellness. 

Foam Roller

We’ve all been told that stretching is good for us. Warming up and stretching our muscles before a run, after a workout or even just first thing each morning to get the day started is a great habit to implement. However, your stretching routine could be levelled up with a foam roller to really get to those pressure points. Foam rolling is kind of like giving yourself a massage – you can use it on your thighs, hamstrings, calves, back, neck or shoulders. When your muscles are feeling extra tight, foam rolling is a great way to roll out the tension and get you feeling loose and warm, taking great care of your muscles to recover better and quicker, in time for your next planned workout. 

Resistance Bands

For a newbie to working out or the avid bodyweight trainer, the use of equipment might seem like an unnecessary addition to your routine. However, if you’re looking to strengthen your muscles, tone your body and manage your weight, adding some physio resistance bands to your workouts can be a real game changer. Resistance bands are cheaper than dumbbells or a gym membership, but they still pack quite a punch. They can be used for upper or lower body exercises and are a great way to make your usual routine a little more challenging – which of course will encourage quicker and better results for both your health and body transformation. Resistance bands are a great and affordable way to get strong and empowered in your workouts. 


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