5 Unusual Sweet Treat Gifts

We all love receiving a gift from a loved one and many of us love giving a gift to them just as much- if not more. Trying to think of something that someone will actually want or use can often be difficult, especially if it’s a gift on a smaller budget.

That’s where a great edible gift can come in really handy. Sweet treats are a safe bet as long as you know your loved one’s allergy requirements. But in a world of repetitive, generic chocolate boxes, how can you make your sweet treat stand out?

Well, here are five of our favourite sweet gifts that will be something for your loved one to remember!

  • Unusually Flavoured Doughnuts

Doughnuts are nothing new. With Marks and Spencer’s “Yumnuts” appearing on the shelves last year, we thought a reinvention of the doughnut might be on the cards. However, after the initial craze, they have dabbled in expanding their range for limited edition contributions- and that’s about it.

No ones doing copies or trying to reinvent the doughnut in their own way elsewhere which suggests it might not have been a huge success as MnS may have hoped.

Nevertheless, the trusted doughnut that we all know has taken strides forward itself. An unusual flavoured or vegan solution to a doughnut would be something both thoughtful and memorable to give as a gift.

Crosstown offer a fantastic selection of unique flavours and dietary options including Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant Compote and Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze (which are also both vegan options) to give a sweet treat that your loved one won’t have experienced before!

  • Make your own Jam

One way to add a really personal touch to a sweet gift is to do it yourself. Jams are fairly straight forward to make on your own and allow you to go all out by adding a personalised label or message onto the jar. You can learn more about how to make your own jams here. Simply find out your loved ones favourite fruity or sweet flavour and get going! Unfortunately, if you need a gift by tomorrow then this one might not be for you…

  • Macarons selection

Macarons are a great gift for a lover of sweet treats. You can now get macarons in incredible flavours across various markets and local bakeries. You can spend a couple of weeks passing through markets and bakeries finding exotic rare flavours from each, putting together a really hard thought gift for a person who means a lot to you.

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels
  • Authentic Turkish delight

Many people only know Turkish delight as the purple wrapped Cadbury treat that you can find in the local newsagents. Even if they know of traditional Turkish delight, if they didn’t enjoy the Cadbury one they probably think traditional delight is the same. How wrong they are!

Available in incredible colours, flavours, shapes and sizes, traditional Turkish delight is a brilliant sweet gift that can be eaten over several weeks unlike a box of doughnuts for example. With many companies offering gift boxes of mixed flavours, get your friend or family member a selection box that will almost certainly be a talking point the next time you see them!

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels
  • Exotic coffee collection

Have a friend that doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth? Try a delicious coffee collection instead. Coffee boxes can be done by geographical location meaning you can experience exotic coffee beans from South America or Asia. Other boxes can be done on a wide selection basis, covering everything from dark to light roasts or lattes to espressos.


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