5 Vacation Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

Traveling is obviously a bit more complicated now than it was in years past. The only masks we had to worry about back then were those dropdown ones in the case of a flight emergency. Now we’ve got double layers to think about. All of that, however, does not mean you can’t find affordable and exciting vacation destinations amidst these dark times. Here is a list of five vacation destinations that won’t break the bank but will still leave you feeling absolutely filled with wanderlust. 

Actually, hold up a second. Before you choose your ultimate travel destination, you should first consider how much you’re willing to spend on airfare. Don’t set your heart on Bali if it’s not a real option. Check out Airfarewatchdog cheap flights to plan your next travel adventure and see what your options are for realistic destinations.  


  • South of France 


Interested in seeing France from a distance? Stay in an enchanted castle in the villages of the South of France. The hilltop regions are typically cheaper areas because they are a little offset, but the good news is that they’re only 100km off of the Mediterranean Coast so you can have your cake and eat it too — princess style! You can also find a plethora of meditative and yogic retreats up in the Pyrenees. Many come with full board options if you chip in with housekeeping. Seriously, what more could you ask for in a European adventure? 


  • Fiji 


Ever wonder what the real Fiji might be like or are you more content staring at those water bottles forever? Traveling here might not be as cheap as Fiji water (and those waters aren’t cheap) but should know that there are many different travel packages listed for the area that include flights and five-night stays for only about 1600 USD. That is a pretty good deal given the spectacular views of the Mamanuca Islands and the vast displays of original artwork by the many artists that frequent the area. 


  • Joshua Tree: You’ve Got to Go Glamping!


What the hell is ‘glamping’, you ask? If you combine camping and glamorous, you get glamping. Basically, it’s a fancy way to camp. Take a trip to Joshua Tree and rent out a private chalet. Many are available for under $100 a night. That’s camping practically and in style. But don’t forget, a stylish trip requires stylish clothes. Get your travel outfits at the shops listed here or check out this keepsake travel bracelet in remembrance of your previous travel excursions. 


  • Thailand 


Probably one of the most affordable and beautiful places to visit is Thailand. From white sandy beaches to lemongrass-infused cuisine, you’ll be settled in paradise at a fraction of the cost of many other tropical destinations. Packages for family vacations are listed at $1799 per person and many come with hotel accommodations. Treat yourself and your family to something truly unique. You might even get to pet a few majestic elephants along the way. 


  • Tulum


A beach landscape for under $150 per night? That’s my jam. All-inclusive resorts offer affordable accommodations that make visiting Tulum one of the most gorgeous and affordable places to travel. If you’re going to be lounging on the beach all day, you’re going to need the buy the right beach bag. Take a look at these screenshots from Lands’ End and Bad Servant for some great ideas and get ready to soak up the sun in style.

As we’ve proven with this list, there is absolutely a way to travel on a budget. You just need to find the right places to make the most of your money. Ask yourself where your money can take you and whether or not those travel experiences are what you’re looking for. Don’t settle for just any vacation, make it a trip to remember. 

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