5 Ways To Continue Feeling Sexy After Childbirth

After resting and recovering from labour, many women ask themselves whether their body is as desirable as before. Even this mere idea can be intimidating. For one thing, the responsibilities of the new person in your life are most likely exhausting and overwhelming. You sometimes have curves in places you didn’t initially have, and stretch marks are likely to have surfaced. All of this will take some time to become used to but if it becomes too much for you, reach out to a health expert at health2delivery for a little help. 

The good thing is most of these issues are simply a notion of change rather than an actual difference in your body and how it functions. You will eventually learn that some adjustments are even beneficial. Go through the following list and try for yourself whatever helps you. 

  1. Don’t blame yourself

You should step out of your head and into that body of yours. From putting on weight throughout pregnancy to having worries about the baby, facing postpartum, or even feeling envious of your spouse’s primary focus on your child rather than on you. Everything seems impossible. However, keep in mind that all of these feelings are entirely normal. You are not alone, and you have the ability to forgive yourself. These concerns will pass; the more attention you pay to them, the longer these feelings will persist.

  1. That mom-bod is yours; embrace it

Turn on your favourite music and whip out those dance moves. Dancing will allow you to reconnect with your body and increase your much-needed endorphin levels. If you also have a gym membership, try a Zumba session or Yoga course to reconnect spiritually. You deserve it.

  1. Hear me out, a date night at home!

Luckily (eh, is that the correct use of words?), your companion is likely feeling the same way you are. Arranging a dinner date to address these new discomforts, anxieties and dreams for some time alone can help you rediscover the true connection that drew you two together in the first place. If you’re ready for the task, throw in some candles, music and sweet treats. And after you’re just done with all the baby talk, bringing out a board game is also a terrific way to divert your attention away from that endless discussion, allowing you and your partner to simply be in the moment and have some fun!

  1. Oh! the comfort of sneakers

Do not discount the significance of making your joints feel good. Ditch heels (even if you’re tempted to wear them to prove you’re still in shape after giving birth); a nursing mom’s body requires nice, soft cushioning and full-on support.

Wearing sneakers every day to get done with the duties of motherhood around the house (baby, household duties, and beyond) can help you feel balanced and strong.  Shoes that are equally comfortable and supportive help you both physically and mentally. And if you can move quickly around your house, that counts as cardio as well, right?

  1. Book a massage

It’s time to treat yourself. A massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve tension and bring positive vibes to you and get you smiling. Plus, I’m sure you’re exhausted from hours of carrying your child and taking care of the house. So request your partner or a close friend to look after the baby for an hour or two, so you can enjoy a well-deserved massage.

Bottom line

Allow yourself some recovery time and adjust to your extra duties as a mom. Communicate with your partner, and hopefully, you will eventually return to your previous routine. You just have to believe you can adjust to this role, and other things will follow the lead.

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