5 Ways To Get Great Clothes Without Overspending

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Going clothes shopping can be stressful when you have a tight budget. If you get caught up in the rush of finding the perfect additions to your wardrobe, you could spend way more than you should and give yourself some trouble down the line.

Going Overboard with Shopping

Overspending on a shopping spree can have some big financial consequences. You could rack up the balance on your credit card so that it’s too close to the limit. You could make it difficult to pay your upcoming bills in full and on time. Or you could drain your savings account and leave yourself vulnerable to unexpected expenses. What will you do if your car needs repairs or you have a plumbing emergency? 

If you need to get yourself out of a sticky situation, you could apply for a personal line of credit. Go to a website like CreditFresh to see whether you meet the qualifications. If your application is approved, you could request a draw from your new line of credit and use the funds to cover an emergency expense. Then you can manage repayments later on. 

If the return policies allow it, you can try to return your items for cash — not store credit. This move could help you get back on track with your finances. 

And if you still want to go clothes shopping, here are five ways that you can do that without pushing the limits of your budget:

Check Your Closet

Before you decide to spend some money, you should shop in your own closet. Take out all of your clothes, try them on and see if you like them. You might be surprised to find some incredible pieces that you’ve forgotten about there. It could be a treasure trove that’s been sitting there the whole time.

Download closet organizing apps on your smartphone to help you take inventory of your clothes. You can use these apps to organize your pieces into categories and create outfits. They’ll help you see the potential that your wardrobe has always had!

Do a Clothing Swap

Get a little bit of help from your friends! Host a clothing swap with all of your fashionable friends, where you can exchange old clothes and accessories for free. 

Go Thrifting

If you want to revamp your wardrobe without spending a ton of money, you should go to a thrift store. You can find lots of gently used and vintage items on the racks there. The prices will be shockingly low, so you don’t have to be worried when you pile things in your shopping cart. 

Rent the Expensive Stuff 

Instead of breaking the bank on an outfit that you’ll wear for one night, rent it. There are lots of online rental services that you can use to borrow high-end pieces for a few days at a fraction of the original price. That way, you only have to spend a little to look fantastic.  

Use Browser Extensions

Don’t assume that you have to pay full price when you’re online shopping. Use browser extensions for online shopping to get instant access to digital coupons and discount codes that will shrink the final costs at the checkout page. Some extensions will even offer cost comparisons, allowing you to head to another online store to get the same item at a much better price. 

Getting nice clothes doesn’t have to come with financial consequences. You can revamp your wardrobe without spending a fortune!

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