5 Ways To Make Your Apartment Cosy For Fall

You’ve mastered your outdoor oasis, but now it is time to make sure that the inside of your apartment is cosy and ready for the Fall season! If you want to make your place a perfect at home yoga studio, an at-home art gallery, or a staycation location, it is time to upgrade a few items to make sure you are allowing your place (and yourself) to reach your full potential.

A Scented Candle

Our sense of smell is so powerful that sometimes a scent can mentally take us to a different time and place, a whole new moment in time. Some of our best memories can be tied to scents, so it is important to give ourselves good moments for a new scent association. The scented candle Slow Burn from Kacey Musgraves + Boy Smells, will take your apartment from ordinary to extraordinary in one match strike and will give you a new scent profile to make new memories with. The candle is based on the singer’s song “Slow Burn”, and it is made of an all-natural coconut and beeswax blend.  It has what she refers to as a glowing and dark scent palate, making it perfect for Fall! It is also really about pausing and relaxing to enjoy where you are right now. Sounds fitting to us! Happy burning!

A weighted blanket

If you haven’t got on the weighted blanket train yet, what are you waiting for?! A weighted blanket from Layla Sleep is the perfect addition to your bed, couch, or armchair to maintain optimal levels of cosiness. The blanket is a trusted tool for not only improving sleep, but reducing stress and relieving anxiety. It helps to create a gentle, relaxing, pressure, all across your body, which in turn feels like a warm embrace. It will also aid in fighting feelings of restlessness, so you will not only be cozy, but you will be able to quiet your mind and body.

A Cosy Beanie

Ok, we know normally you wouldn’t wear a beanie indoors, but beanies from Love Your Melon are so cute and perfect for you, that you won’t want to take it off, even if you are inside. Plus, Love Your Melon is a business built on good. Their original business model included the hope to give a beanie to every child in America that is fighting cancer. Now, 50% of the net profit from their products are given to nonprofit organizations that help fight pediatric cancer. To date, they have given over $7.2 Million to fighting pediatric cancer, and have given over 200,000 hats to children fighting the terrible disease. This makes it the perfect accessory to your Fall coziness, because it won’t only keep you warm on the outside, but it will warm your heart on the inside. 

Fancy Slippers

If you miss dressing up for work because you are on that work from home routine, we have the perfect slipper for you. Birdie Slippers are stylish flats that are secretly a slipper. They take your slipper game from grandma to glam instantly. So, you can dress up, but still be comfortable in your home! Gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable flats for work, and outdated slippers at home. They will also be the perfect transition shoe in case you have to go back into the office in the New Year, but don’t want to compromise your foot comfort. And, no one will even know! Win, win!

A Cosy Pair of Socks

If you have the cosy and stylish slippers, you might as well complete the set and get socks too! Bombas socks are some of the comfiest, cosiest, make you feel good socks on the market. Bombas mission is to help those that are experiencing homelessness.  So, every item you purchase, they donate one on your behalf. They have donated more than 40 million items to more than 2,500 community organizations. And their products have been rigorously tested to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Alright, don’t forget all these items go well with a streaming marathon, a crockpot full of stew, and some alone time in your apartment! Now, get going, time to enjoy the changes of the season!


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