6 Must-Know Wedding Planning Tips That Will Make Everything Easier

One of the biggest days in your life is coming, and organization is vital in order to make sure everything goes the way you like it. For most couples, organizing a wedding is an overwhelming process, which is even harder if you don’t have a professional wedding organizer help or run on a tight budget.

However, that doesn’t mean that your wedding should be anything less than perfect. Remember, your wedding must be planned the way you like it. Avoid following trends that many people have when you don’t like it. There are a few wedding planning tips that will help you go through this process.


  • The Guests are the First Step

Before you go to a venue for searching for the best place, you need to determine the number of guests at your wedding. As a rule of thumb, people follow some essential guides that can determine the space needed for your wedding. For example, you should allow 25 to 30 square feet per guest, just so everyone feels comfortable. It might seem like a lot, and you should keep in mind that there are tables, band, dance floor and etc.

Of course, this should not mean anything, and you can go for a place that you like even with smaller square space per person.

  • Word of Mouth

Organizing your wedding is not a straightforward process since you need to worry about many things such as florist, photographer, renting a place, hotel management, choosing a band, food options, and much more. The best way and probably the easiest is to follow the advice of some of your vendors. For instance, the photographer can tell you which brand is good or which Orange County wedding florist to hire. If you hire vendors that know each other, it will be much easier to communicate and organize the whole thing.

  • Optimize your Finances

The biggest question when it comes to any wedding is the cost, which can turn out to be a lot. That is why you need to determine your budget before starting to search for a place and always leave enough room for any unexpected costs. Many people follow a basic formula which is 48 to 50 percent of your total budget to the reception, and the florist should take 8 to 10 percent the same as the entertainment (music), the photographer should take 10 to 12 percent, 2 to 4 percent for invites and for gifts and 7 percent if you hire a wedding coordinator. 

This leaves 5 to 10 percent of your budget for surprise expenses and a great way to avoid going over budget.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask

In order to organize the wedding of your dreams with the lowest price possible, you should not be afraid to ask. Often photographers, the band, or the rental place can lower the price and making the whole process more affordable. The same goes for asking for additional features that some of the vendors can offer for free as a bonus.

  • Lighten Your Guest List

Organizing a wedding on a tight budget can be frustrating. The most significant expense is the number of people at your wedding. For example, if it costs $150 per person, eliminating a table of 10 can save you a whopping $1,500. Additionally, there are fewer invitations, less sitting place rentals, and lower price for flower decoration, which goes more than $1,500. That is why you need to carefully choose the people that will attend your wedding and make sure that it doesn’t spoil your entire budget.

  • Keep the Weather in Mind

The type of wedding goes along with the season, so if you plan your wedding in the summer, choosing an open space will make everything better, and the same goes for closed space in colder seasons. However, you should always check the weather, which might be impossible to predict if you plan your wedding a long time ahead. Don’t worry too much about the weather. It is not in your control, so you cannot do anything. 

It is like betting on the Kentucky Derby horse race odds and expect your pick to win, which will not always be the case. The best way to organize your open wedding is to have a plan B if it starts raining.

Organizing a wedding can be an overwhelming process, but with good organization, everything will be perfect. Since it is one of the biggest days in your life, you should hire someone to take care of all the planning, but you can also do it yourself, but make sure you don’t ruin your mood.

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