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6 Must-See Novelty Beds For Children’s Bedrooms

They say bedtime doesn’t mean playtime but injecting a little fun into your child’s bedroom with a novelty bed can positively affect sleep behaviour.

Having a comfy bed and a bedroom they love helps children settle down at night and feel happy, and novelty beds are great at making a child’s bedroom special without adding loads of toys and distractions that make them giddy.

This article explores five must-see novelty beds for children’s bedrooms. You can find all the products below on our childrens novelty beds page.

Let’s jump in!

  • The Naples Bed Company Princess Carriage

Pictured: The Naples Bed Company Princess Carriage Single Bed. Available from Bedstar.

There’s no finer bed for a princess than the Naples Princess Carriage. This hardwood carriage takes a standard single mattress making it perfect for children from age four transitioning from a toddler bed.

Your little girl will love climbing the wooden steps into her carriage and peering through the viewing holes. It even has a fabric top liner and blush-pink décor, giving the baby pink frame an authentic touch of class.

Priced at £545, this bed offers tremendous value when considering its detail and quality – a perfect way to spruce up your child’s bedroom.

  • Julian Bowen Campervan Bunk Bed

Pictured: Julian Bowen Campervan 3FT Single Bunk Bed. Available from Bedstar.

The Julian Bowen Campervan is the ultimate bunk bed for girls and boys. Inspired by the Volkswagen Camper, it has an impressive white and teal colour scheme, windows, a ladder that resembles a door, and two full-size bunks.

The bunks take standard single mattresses, and the guard rails sit nice and high, letting you install a mattress up to 18cm thick.

We adore this novelty bed’s wooden steering wheel, which puts your kid in the driver’s seat for a fantastic bedtime experience.

  • Julian Bowen London Bus Wooden Bunk Bed

Not a fan of camper vans? Then check out the Julian Bowen London Bus!

The Julian Bowen London Bus is inspired by the iconic red London bus, with exceptional detailing to mimic wheels, headlights, and windows. Your little one will love the slimline ladder up to the top bunk and the generous sleeping space.

Pictured: Julian Bowen London Bus 3FT Single Wooden Bunk Bed. Available from Bedstar.

The lower bunk has a wooden steering wheel and an enclosed space for sleeping, making it perfect for single mattresses up to 18cm thick. The frame is made from solid MDF, an eco-friendly material made with recycled wood.

  • Birlea Safari Bunk Bed

The Birlea Safari Bunk Bed is the ultimate treehouse-in-a-bedroom. Available in grey and white, it provides two single sleeping spaces with a low-bottom bunk and an enclosed top bunk with its own little house.

Pictured: Birlea Safari 3FT Single Bunk Bed – Grey. Available from Bedstar.

The top bunk is where your child will love sleeping, with the angled wooden ladder leading them to a stunning sleeping space with a door, windows, and a pitched roof. Your child can decorate the interior with stickers, lights, and other stuff.

At £799, we wouldn’t call it a cheap novelty bed, but the quality, detail, and design are nothing short of exceptional. It’s worth every penny!

  • Birlea Adventure Bunk Bed

If you want to instil a sense of space and adventure into your child’s bedroom, the Birlea Adventure Bunk Bed is the perfect addition.

This novelty bed provides a beach hut/shack top bunk, a skylight viewing window, and clad walls. The ladder is positioned centrally, making this bed perfect for symmetry, and the white frame is ideal for keeping things light (it’s also available in grey).

We love the low-bottom bunk, which is perfect for younger children and sleepovers, and the bunks take standard single mattresses.

Pictured: Birlea Adventure Bunk Bed – White. Available from Bedstar.

  • Birlea House Wooden Bed

Are you looking for a single bed with no bunks? Check out the Birlea House Wooden Bed, available in white or grey. It’s ideal for making a den because the pitched roof frame is open – ripe for throwing a sheet or duvet over it.

While it isn’t the most exciting novelty bed, this one’s a blank canvas, and the low mattress platform is perfect for children under five.


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