6 Safe Bet Gifts That Are Perfect For The Holidays

Gift buying is sometimes an anxiety-filled experience. Getting someone a gift requires you to understand their personality, know their desires, and have an idea of what they already own. But you usually don’t have all of that information, whether it be family, friends, or colleagues. 

Although gift-giving is for the holidays, you will be better off if you plan and buy before they arrive. Shopping during the holiday season has its drawbacks, such as products running out of stock, higher prices, and the crowding in the shops. So trying to get a gift during the holiday season is tough, but getting multiple gifts will be an even taller order.


The coming holiday season may prove even more difficult than usual. The pandemic disrupted the supply chain such that the holidays may exacerbate the common issues of shortages and higher prices. So more pressing than in normal years, you need to get your shopping done early. Here are a few ideas you can use.

  1. Cookware 

Everyone has to eat, so cookware makes an excellent general gifting idea. Everyone needs cooking supplies at home, and if they already have a set, they won’t mind an extra set to use on special occasions. Additionally, cookware is something that homeowners forget to replace. So a new set will most likely be well received. You have the choice of buying pots, pans, kitchen appliances, or something unique like a dutch oven.

  1. Cups That Last 

Drinkware like various cups (wine, coffee mugs, or any other kind) is a safe bet gift because having a cup to carry around is convenient, and everyone uses them. It also lets homeowners host their guests better since they won’t run out of cups and can match the cups to the event; no more drinking champagne from a wine glass. More cups and better variety are always welcome by recipients. 

  1. Versatile Storage 

Gifts meant for storage like bags or boxes are also a popular choice. After the lockdown and spending a lot of time at home, people are ready to take advantage of the vacation deals in the market. So a traveling bag or suitcase will add to their sense of adventure. In a way, they will have a piece of you on their travels.

Storage boxes are great for helping people organize their stuff. Everyone has something to store, whether it be Christmas decorations or using a new grocery bag gifted to them.

  1. Neutral Bedding

Purchasing bedding or things like blankets or throws is a safe gifting choice because it’s an item that a recipient can incorporate into practically any room in a home. Having more than a single bedding set will enable the recipient to have more than one style, and they can change it according to their mood. Neutral colors are the best option because they are likely to match a variety of styles. 

  1. Virtual Assistants 

Virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant are a safe bet because they’re popular gift items, especially during the holidays. Predictions are that they will stay popular in the upcoming years. A virtual assistant is an application a user speaks to, and it will execute the command. It uses natural language processing, machine learning, and AI to interpret and execute a command.

Naturally, you may think of the techies in your circle, but virtual assistants are just as helpful to others. They fit in well in a homely setting, looking up recipes while playing the user’s favorite tunes. 

The elderly, who usually struggle with smartphones, especially with small fonts, may appreciate a device that takes voice commands. A business owner may also find virtual assistance handy to make appointments, draft emails, and perform automated tasks.

However, before buying a virtual assistant for someone, make sure that they already don’t have one, as they’ve quickly become a basic item in most homes.

  1. Clothing Accessories

Clothes require you to know a person’s style and size, which can be difficult sometimes. It’s better to buy clothing accessories because there are a variety of accessories with a wide price range like watches or necklaces to match each type of person in their life.

Accessories come in limitless styles and can be purchased even without knowing the person’s usual clothing style preferences. If the accessory is a luxury brand, like Prada glasses frames, then you will have spruced up the recipient’s wardrobe. And maybe adding a custom face on socks can be very personal and memorable… and hilarious.

Be the Best Gift Giver This Season 

Personalizing a gift for everyone in your life isn’t possible, but you can still get gifts that can work for most people. Use the list above to reduce the stress of finding gifts this season and enjoy the holidays. That way, you can get your Christmas shopping done earlier and have more time to spend with the people that matter.


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