6 Things To Expect At A Crystal Psychic Reading

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If you’ve recently searched for psychics near me, you may have come across readings that use crystals during the process. Certain gemstones and crystals have immense healing properties, which can bring peace to a person’s life and improve their clarity. 

If it’s your first time undergoing a psychic reading, particularly one with crystals, it helps to have a little knowledge of the process. Here are six things you can expect during your psychic reading. 

Questions About Your Life

Many people go to psychic readings seeking answers to specific questions about their lives. As a result, expect the healer to ask questions about what you hope to get out of the reading. The psychic may also inquire about any obstacles or issues that you’re facing in your life, and you should be forthcoming with your answers. 

An Emotional Awakening

Many people experience a deep emotional awakening when attending a crystal reading for the first time. After all, the healer will help you address major mental roadblocks preventing you from achieving complete spiritual awareness. Readings can help you achieve such awareness, which can unleash a torrent of emotions as a result. 

Crystals As Psychic Aids

There are many benefits to undergoing psychic readings with crystals, as crystals can intensify the psychic experience. For example, the use of crystals and gemstones during readings can sometimes help the healer clarify the divine messages they are receiving. Additionally, different crystals perform different sorts of healing functions, which allows the psychic to customize the reading to suit your specific needs. 

Discussion of Difficult Experiences

Along with the clarity and emotional awakening associated with psychic readings, you may also experience quite a few negative emotions as well. For example, if you wish to confer with a loved one who has passed on, sadness is likely to occur. In the same token, you may experience frustration if you don’t receive the answers you’re looking for, which is always a possibility when it comes to spiritual guidance. 

Common Crystals Used in Psychic Readings

Psychics can use a wide variety of crystals during readings, including:


Rose Quartz

Black Tourmaline




Healers will choose specific crystals to help the subject of the reading access information from the astral realm. For instance, labradorite is good for relieving yourself of negative energy and injecting hope into your life. On the other hand, amethyst has associations with strength and resilience, and can even serve as a guardian against negative forces. 

Psychic healers can also use other types of objects, which is the case with pendulum psychic readings.

Time to Ask Questions of Your Own

At the end of the reading, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if there are any points you find confusing. Some of the messages you receive can seem conflicting at first glance, but your healer will be able to clear them up using their knowledge and expertise. And if you plan on using crystals at home, the psychic can explain the proper practices. 

Remember, it could take multiple sessions before you receive the answers you’re looking for. Keep an open mind and follow the guidance of your spiritual healer to ensure the best possible results. 

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