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6 Tips To Improve Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be a fickle mistress. The hardest thing to tackle with how we view ourselves is that we can get stuck in negative cycles and feedback loops. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and many other issues. Or rather, if we can address our self-esteem, it can have profound knock-on effects in other areas of our life, mental health, work, and relationships. Here are 6 of the best ways to break those cycles and boost your confidence.


Manifesting has become popular recently, but the truth is that affirmations are a very old technique. The reason it never goes away is clearly because it works. Affirmations such as “I am going to be successful” can be a problem, because they’re aspirational instead of appreciating what you have in the now. So, “I’m going to persevere until I’m successful” would be a better twist that is more motivating and gives us more meaning to our struggles. Or simply give yourself compliments and recognition of gratitude each day. Try and do them at the same time of day and in the same location to help build up the habit.

Accepting Compliments

Those with low self-esteem have a habit of focusing more on the negative comments more than the positive ones. It’s as if the compliments we do receive can’t possibly be true or that they’re just saying that to be nice. This defense mechanism can only hurt us, and learning how to accept them is important. Learning to say thank you (and agree with them, be it openly or secretly) is a simple way of training yourself to accept good feedback. 

Giving others compliments is also important to remember, too. Not only can it make you feel better by putting a smile on other people’s face, but it may make them more aware in giving you compliments back. After all, confidence isn’t a zero-sum game – giving others doesn’t take away from our own.

Indulging your sexuality

It’s common for those with low self-esteem to not allow themselves to have fun and indulge in sex – as if they’re not worthy of such pleasures. It’s important that you’re open about your sex life with your partner and to address any feelings of dissatisfaction. For those that are single, it may sound quite extreme, but the use of Perth escorts to explore their own sexuality has been booming in popularity. 

It’s not always singletons, and it may seem superficial at first, but increasing contact with other humans and indulging in sexual pleasure can be a very effective way to build self-esteem. The selection of escorts Adelaide in Skokka is sky high for a reason, with it being a popular and an increasingly destigmatized way to treat loneliness or to indulge some cravings that you feel you deserve…

Controlling self-criticism

Self-criticism and self-awareness are one of the largest factors in the success of many great sportsmen. However, the issue with this is that many of them are also neurotic, or have an unhealthy relationship with productivity. We must learn how to be balanced and understand when our self-criticism isn’t helping us become better, but instead is further sabotaging our chances of improvement. 

Nihilism is a kryptonite that we must avoid, and so is self-destruction. This can be difficult because having no self-awareness or self-criticism at all isn’t ideal either. Next time you make a mistake, it’s important to be aware and objective about it, but be totally accepting and able to forgive yourself too. If you’re criticizing yourself because you don’t know something or failed a task, view it instead as a failure that you can learn from and become better as a result.

Surround yourself with supportive people

A huge factor in having low self-esteem often stems from hanging around with toxic people who aren’t supportive of who you are. Finding people who accept you and avoid triggering your negative thinking is extremely important, but difficult because it could mean finding new friends. However, before distancing yourself from anyone, it is often worth giving them the benefit of the doubt by addressing the issues first to see if anything changes. 

If you’re lacking supportive people around you because of loneliness, try and take steps towards involving yourself with certain communities that resonate with you. For example, a local photography club or Facebook group that shares a similar hobby. Finding new people that enjoy your company and find you interesting – particularly better when meeting like-minded folk – can boost feelings of being wanted or appreciated, as well as finding more positive and supportive friends.

Helping others

Low self-esteem correlates strongly with not feeling as if you play a meaningful role in society. If you can’t help yourself, how can you help others? Well, it turns out you can, and being valued by others is a great way to boost your self-worth. To do this, we must simply help others and take small steps, if our motivation is low. This might be volunteering, charity, or it could simply be being extra considerate to friends and asking if others need any help. It’s very common to see people accelerate down a route of philanthropy and charity work because of how much meaning it gives to them.

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