6 ways to create a multi-generational family bathroom

While most of us marvel in memories of the good ol’ days of living at home, there is something that’s often not considered – the frustration of having to share a bathroom with the entire household. If you have a big family that shares a bathroom, here are a couple of tips for creating a bathroom that will serve everyone’s needs. We put this list together with bathrooms Newcastle experts at Bespoke Interiors.

Functional and stylish

When accessorising your bathroom keep in mind function as well as style. Choosing a soft close seat for your toilet will help protecting fingers of your little ones – wouldn’t want to get those caught in a hard seat. If your bathroom is located in an area far from the main drain line or a place with low water pressure, considering replacing your old toilet with a macerating toilet system. A macerator toilet, also called an upflush toilet, has an additional unit at the back called a macerator pump, which grinds waste into a slurry and pumps it through a pipe directly to the sewer drain pipe. That’s because the macerator pump has heavy-duty stainless steel blades that can liquefy solid waste and has a powerful pump to push the waste through the extension pipe.

Relaxing bath

If you and your family enjoy a bit of destressing by taking a relaxing bath with the latest bestseller book factoring in a freestanding bathtub will add a level of luxury to your bathroom that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. 

Freestanding baths while luxurious and becoming increasingly more popular can be impractical if you are tight for space. In that case, you can always opt for a multifunctional shower bath, allowing your family to enjoy an occasional soak but otherwise opting for a quick shower. Hey, showering is better for saving water anyways. 


If you share a household with elderly or kids, investing in a temperature control thermostat for your showers is a smart move. Thermostats ensure that the water temperature will remain the same as pre-set; this will give you peace of mind and prevent accidental scalding. 

Have storage that is accessible

Be smart about how you design your bathroom storage. Don’t put your children’s towels at the top shelves where they won’t be able to reach them. Additionally, if you are redesigning your bathroom, keep your children’s height in mind. Too often, we see basins that are simply too high for their little ones. An excellent solution to this would be seeking out vanity units with built-in step-ups. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

Keep harmful things out of reach

When sharing a bathroom with young kids, ensure that razor blades, any medication or cleaning supplies are stored away, where the little ones can’t reach even if they’re stood on a stool. This is important to retain their safety!

This is when the higher shelves will come in handy in your bathroom. Remember if you have very small children, you can always add kid-proof locks to your bathroom vanity unit. 

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