7 Conservatory Accessories That You Need

Conservatories are a great addition to any property. They offer a space in the house that is filled with light and offers a safe connection to the outside world from the comfort of your own home. The reputation that conservatories are notoriously hot and humid in the summer and draughty and cold in the winter has been debunked by modern insulation- and now your conservatory can be designed to be a room of pleasure. Simple accessories can transform your conservatory into a haven, where you can watch the flowers bloom, or the rain fall gently against the glass windows. If you’re in need of some conservatory accessories, here at We Buy Any Home have come up with our 7 essential conservatory accessories that you need.

#1- Hanging Pod Chair:

This chair is the perfect addition for any conservatory. Designed to look like an egg, the chair is usually made of wicker material with a cushioned interior- perfect for relaxing in your conservatory while enjoying reading a book or having a drink. The ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort, and the steel frame ensures that it is durable and sturdy. 

#2- Moroccan Rug:

Consisting of intricate designs, adding a Moroccan rug to your conservatory will incorporate a traditional flair to your floor design. Inspired by traditional African roots, the rugs compliment contemporary interiors and work well with light and airy rooms- i.e. a conservatory. Using simple colour schemes the rugs present elements of timeless beauty and bring a sense of comfort to the room.

#3- Fresh Foliage:

As previously mentioned, conservatories are the perfect way to connect to the outside world from the luxury and comfort of your own home. Filling your conservatory with plants can transform the whole space, and enable you to feel at one with nature, even on days where you can’t be outside. Tall plants with structural shapes work best and brighten the room. Shades of green such as soft teak and duck egg work best, and plant pots should be kept neutral to maximise the natural atmosphere.

#4- Venetian Blinds:

Bespoke Venetian blinds can offer so much to your conservatory in terms of interior design. They bring shade and privacy to the room, but also add a stylish and sophisticated element that transports you to an idyllic setting somewhere in the Mediterranean. Available in various colours, styles and materials, the blinds are a great accessory for your conservatory.

#5- Warm Lighting:

Warm lighting is an essential addition to any conservatory. Depending on personal style and preference, there is a big range of lighting choices to choose from. During the day you will probably make the most of the natural light in the room, however the lighting during the evening is extremely important. Floor lamps or lanterns are a great addition, as they create a cosy ambient mood for a stylish and contemporary conservatory. 

#6- Blankets:

Blankets and throws add an extra layer of comfort to the room and are an inviting addition to any conservatory. Blankets that have warm tones work well for autumn or winter, and soft and woolly textures are the most comfortable and stylish. If your furniture is beginning to look a little redundant, adding a throw is an instant way to make them look brand new.

#7- Essential Oil Diffuser:

Also known as an aromatherapy diffuser, an essential oil diffuser disperses oils into the air and fills the room with a natural fragrance. Not only do they have proven health benefits such as modulating the mind-body connection, but they can also add to the calming atmosphere of the conservatory and make the room into a relaxation space.

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