7 Improvements To Make In Your Garden

With winter nearly behind us and spring (finally!) on its way in, now is the time to start thinking about getting back outside and enjoying the garden again. Although it might still be a little while before you can actually head out and get stuck into your garden, it’s never too early to start planning some improvements to make the most of the good weather when it arrives. Here are 7 ideas for ways to improve your garden.

Get That Lawn Sorted

Cold weather, lots of rain, and maybe even a muddy paw or two can spell disaster for most lawns. Too often after winter, we come outside to a patchy mud-bath that only barely resembles the lush lawn we remember before the rain started falling. Then, by the time you’ve finally managed to get your grass back, the summer is almost over. 

Start planning your lawn renovations early and give yourself as much time as possible to get a nice, healthy covering by summertime. Have a think about picking up some seeds, or even whether it might be best to start over with some fresh turf – depending on how bad the damage is. If you have dogs that like to tear about on the grass, it might be worth fencing off some areas to allow new grass to grow without being trampled. There are also plenty of synthetic alternatives now available, with the look and feel of real grass but none of the upkeep. If you have lots of overhanging trees, it could be worth investing in a leaf blower to keep this pesky garden problem at bay.

Reduce Your Lawn Size

Although a wide, open space for you and the kids to run around is always nice, there are some benefits to reducing the size of your lawn. If you increase the size of your planters and bring the borders in, you can replace expensive, thirsty grass with much lower upkeep shrubs and flowers. Not only will these give your garden a more sophisticated, rural look, but border plants also require much less water and nutrients than a typical lawn, making this a better choice for the environment. Start planting and planning now in time for your shrubs and flowers to bloom come spring.

Create a Space to Enjoy the Long Summer Evenings

It’s no good having a well-manicured garden if you don’t have anywhere to sit and enjoy it when the evenings start getting longer. Create a space where you can sit out for a barbecue, you can find a great range of grills of every shape and size at Adding a barbecue will allow you to make the most of al fresco dining during the warm summer months, and you could even also add a chiminea for cooler nights so you can enjoy your garden with a glass of wine and a book.

An increasingly popular choice for many gardens is having composite decking installed. Unlike standard timber, composite decking is man-made and, therefore, much better for the environment, as it is able to be made from recycled materials. It is also much hardier than standard timber and requires far less upkeep and cleaning. Since composite decking is man-made, there is also a vast array of options regarding look and design, allowing you to pick something that fits with the aesthetic of your garden. Consider having some composite decking from a reputable supplier like  NexGEN Decking installed, and craft a beautiful space in which to enjoy those summer days and nights.

If you have enough room, a pool would be a brilliant option, something for both adults and children to enjoy. If you are interested in pool options, you can find inground pool information at Premier Pools and spas, and really make your outdoor space special.

Add Some Evergreens

There is nothing more disheartening than looking out of the window and seeing nothing but bare branches and mud circling your garden. Start planning for next winter now and consider adding some evergreen plants to the borders of your garden. Evergreen plants won’t lose their leaves the next time the cold weather comes around, ensuring you have a lush layer of greenery surrounding your garden year-round.

Level Up Your Garden Furniture

Gone are the days of white plastic chairs and tables, prone to cracking under any weight or blowing away in the slightest breeze. Nowadays, there are many options available for chic, modern garden furniture that won’t set you back a small fortune. Look into the choices on the market, such as a real wooden table and chair set that provide a classy and comfortable place to eat meals outside. Or perhaps, a relaxing sofa set is more up your street. Rattan garden furniture has really exploded in popularity over the past few years, offering an affordable, durable alternative to standard outdoor sets, with cosy cushions that can be removed and stored out of the weather. Find something that works for you!

Start a Compost Heap or Vegetable Patch

Your garden provides many opportunities for self-expression, but it also provides a space to undertake some fun and environmentally friendly DIY projects for you and the family. A compost heap is a great way to not only reduce the amount of waste you are sending to the landfill each week but to turn that waste into nourishing fertiliser for the rest of your garden. A vegetable patch can be a fun way to get the kids outside and interested in gardening, as well as providing fruit and vegetables that you can, of course, eat, saving some money in the process. The kids are also much more likely to eat their greens if they grow vegetables themselves!

Invite the Wildlife 

Although it is your garden, there are plenty of other creatures that would like to visit and share your space too. Consider installing some bird feeders or a bird table to help feed the birds over the lean winter months, with the added benefit of getting to watch all the different species frequent your garden and fill the mornings with their singing. 

Another option is to install insect houses in your garden. There are many different designs available, often made from recycled or reclaimed materials, that can provide a home to all sorts of creepy crawlies. Have a look at the different types and see what kinds of insects you might like buzzing around in your garden, from mason bees to butterflies. These kinds of projects are again great for instilling a sense of wonder and deep interest in nature in kids, and in helping them to really engage with the great outdoors.

Whatever improvements you decide to make on your garden this year, start planning now and get a head start on the summer. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas, and you can begin to think about creating a garden that really reflects you and provides a space for you to enjoy over the coming months.

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