7 of the most common injuries that veterans face

A glittering military career is something that all soldiers and military personnel want. However, no one wants to have their tour cut short due to an accident, injury or mental health issue that leaves them incapable of completing their military role. 

The list of injuries that could be sustained by those in the armed forces is extensive, however, some injuries are more common than most and it’s these injuries that ensure veterans are financially cared for with compensation and benefit entitlement when they return to civilian life. If you think you could be entitled to financial help, you can use the VA disability calculator from Stone Rose law to see what you could claim. Want to find out more? Read on for 7 of the most common injuries that veterans face.


This severe mental health issue is the result of the sufferer experiencing or witnesses a traumatic event. This could be combat, sexual violence, witnessing death, exposure to danger and frightening scenarios, PTSD is incredibly debilitating and you’ll find that many sufferers are compensated due to this severe mental health issue – click here to discover the VA disability rating for PTSD.


This bacterial disease can leave sufferers struggling with intense flu-like symptoms. From joint and muscle pains to profuse sweating and constant discomfort. Brucellosis is highly incapacitating and can severely lower the quality of the sufferers’ life.

Brain injuries 

Sadly, brain injuries are all too common amongst veterans. Especially amongst those who have spent active tours of duty faced with explosions, detonations and within close proximity to blasts. Issues with balance, slurred speech, headaches, delayed thinking, blurred vision and other problems are the most common brain injury symptoms.


Whether veterans are suffering from life outside of the army, or they’re struggling with the things they’ve witnessed or endured whilst on active duty, depression is common amongst military personnel. Sadly, depression isn’t always diagnosed as quickly as it could be, leaving many ex-soldiers isolated and struggling with daily life before receiving help. Symptoms include emotional detachment from those around you, sadness, irritability, constant feelings of hopelessness and even in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, depression can be treated.

Ankle issues

Life in the military will take its toll on your body and your joints which is why many veterans suffer from debilitating ankle issues and problems with mobility of the ankle joint. 

Problems with the sciatic nerve

Back and neck issues are also common, with sciatic nerve issues leaving veterans with a loss of feeling in certain limbs, chronic back pain and a lack of movement. This kind of injury is usually rated from mild to severe, a rating that can affect the amount of compensation a veteran would receive.


Those who have been exposed to loud engine noises, bomb blasts and loud gunfire are likely to suffer from tinnitus. The constant sound of ringing in your ears is extremely incapacitating, and it’s one of the most common injuries that veterans face. In addition, some or all hearing loss is also common amongst veterans, however, it can only be considered for VA compensation if the hearing loss is of a certain degree.

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