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7 Quirky Ideas For Birthday Cards In 2022

Birthday cards are probably the perfect way to express how you exactly feel about the birthday person.

While a birthday gift is customary, a birthday card personalises the gift and enhances its meaning. Furthermore, these cards are also a brilliant way to showcase your creativity and wit.

However, most birthday cards available on the market are pretty generic and let’s face it, robotic. This is not a great thing when you’re trying to impress a new person or greeting a close friend. This means, you’re probably looking for some amazing personalised birthday cards

We understand that and hence, bring you this article with some of the quirkiest birthday card ideas that shall make the birthday girl / boy’s day. 

Let’s fire away now!

For the Sarcasm Lover

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This funny birthday card can put the receiver in a fit of frenzy as to whether you absolutely love them or hate them.

However, it is essential that they fancy themselves a bit of sarcasm. Otherwise, this card with a blank and almost depressed dog might straight-up offend the birthday boy or girl.

Therefore, we suggest only giving this birthday card to your closest and wittiest friends.

For the One With the Boss Cat

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While looking for birthday card ideas for the friend whose cat gets more attention than them, you might stumble upon this brilliance. With extra points for accuracy, if the pet is a ginger cat, this exceptional birthday card can steal the show and point out the truth.

Especially when it comes to humour, the card precisely points out what is probably the most common notion about cat parents. Thus, making it interesting. 

For the Lazy Lady

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Make sure you give it to someone with a brilliant metabolism, or else this outrageously humorous card might just come across as body shaming. Believe us, you do not want to be accused of that. 

Perfect for the lazy lady who often procrastinates her jogging sessions but is still surprisingly fit, the card adds a unique charm to your birthday gift. Additionally, it subtly nudges your friend that she needs to exercise a little more than she does right now. 

For the Manly Man

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Addressing the fact that there are not a lot of cards out there for men, and presenting the sexist association of men and the colour blue, this card is outrageous…

…ly humorous. Perfect for the manly man, who is often found demonstrating his manliest traits, this card can remind him of the struggles of being a man. 

The card is very specifically quirky and comes with a disclaimer, not explicitly on the card but in this blog – Don’t Give to the Unfunny!

For the Ones Who Love their Beer

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We all love our beer however, every group has that one friend who constantly claims about the health benefits of beer. 

Here is one of the best birthday card ideas for that friend. As long as your friend doesn’t get in a lot of trouble for their drinking, this birthday card is perfect for them.

Surprising your friend with this card along with a bottle of the most expensive beer is an absolutely genius birthday gift. 

For their Thirtieth

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The 30th birthday is a milestone in everyone’s life. It’s the time of life when you’re simultaneously young and old. For such an important day, it is essential to give your 30-year-old friends the best gift and along with it, the most perfect birthday cards. 

Hence, to commemorate this unique milestone, we have one of our top ideas for birthday cards for him and her. We like to call them, “The Old Age Reminder Cards.” 

Only to be taken as a joke, the cards point out the struggles of old age and remind them that the 90s were three decades ago. It’s funny because it’s true. 


We just saw the quirkiest, most humorous and in some cases, straight-up offensive birthday card ideas. If you’ve got a close and witty relationship with your mates or wish to impress someone new with your sense of humour, these are the perfect way to go. 

We hope these birthday card ideas bring joy and happiness to your lives and lighten the mood on the special person’s birthday.

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