7 ways to save money when travelling

It can take a lot of time to save up enough money to go on holiday. 

And when you do, you often end up spending more than you expected or needed to.

So for those of you looking to cut down on travel costs, here are seven super tips.

  • Look for free activities 

If you do a little bit of research, you’ll find that there are lots of fun activities you can do for free whilst travelling. Start by looking at community calendars to see if there are any special events going on, such as festivals and ceremonies. You could also download a free tour app such as GPSmyCity and head on a self-guided walk around your destination. 

  • Use a travel credit card 

When you use a travel credit card to pay for a trip, you’ll earn rewards for your spending which can go towards future travel costs. Depending on your provider, you might also enjoy perks such as lounge access and free seat upgrades. It’s basically like getting money for nothing as you’ll be paying for purchases anyway. 

  • Go incognito 

When you’re looking for flights and accommodation, websites can use cookies to track your visits and inflate the price each time you return to pressure you into purchasing. However, you can avoid these cheeky cookies by browsing from an incognito tab. 

  • Watch where you eat 

Restaurants that are close to tourist destinations often charge disproportionately high prices for food. It’s therefore worth heading a few blocks out and enjoying a much fairer price. 

  • Book accommodation with cooking facilities 

Sampling authentic cuisine at fancy restaurants and other food outlets is one of the best parts of travel. But it’s an expensive hobby, so choose an accommodation with kitchen facilities such as an Airbnb apartment. This way, you’ll have the facilities to cook your own healthy and affordable meals and save eating out as a treat. 

  • Pre-book your parking 

When you’ve got heavy luggage, driving is usually the most convenient way to travel to the airport. However, airports are notorious for changing a small fortune for parking. Thankfully, you can bag yourself a bargain by using comparison site – it has early-bird deals for UK hubs such as Birmingham and Bristol. 

  • Book a hidden city flight

Hidden city flights work on the assumption that fares are determined by consumer demand rather than distance. For example, if you wanted to fly to Boston, you might book Manchester to Boston to New York and skip the last leg, because it’s cheaper than flying direct to Boston. If you can’t be bothered putting the work in, airfare search engine Skiplagged does it all for you. 

Follow these seven tip-top tips and you’ll be able to slash your travel costs in half – you’re welcome! 

How else can you save money when travelling? Shared your thoughts in the comments section.

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