8 Most Popular Instagram Lifestyle Influencers and How They Make Money

Home to one billion users and counting, Instagram is the hottest marketing tool today. Brands advertise on the platform and partner with people of influence to promote or raise awareness of their products and services. To become a social media influencer, one must have an online reputation measured in follower count and engagement rate.

Lifestyle influencers on Instagram typically share what they do for work and fun and give recommendations, including hacks and tips that make room for discoveries. For their persuasion, which can translate to a purchase of their promoted brands, they get paid in commissions, referrals, ex deals, and freebies. As they become more successful, they set up their brands or collaborate with top names in their niche.

As of this writing, the hashtag lifestyle has 190 million posts on Instagram. The category can cover food, travel, fashion, fitness, health, beauty, home, DIY, and more.

See the lifestyle influencers or bloggers who are leading the game and their moneymaking ventures.

1. Joanna Gaines (@joannagaines)

Joanna’s follower count of 11.2 million puts her in the same league as that of Barack Obama. Her pictures and videos, which can quickly get thousands of likes and millions of views, are usually about her family life, home, and meaningful pursuits to wholeness. She has an e-commerce website that offers home decor and apparel.

2. Mariam Ezzeddine (@cookinwithmima)

Visitors of Mariam’s profile will be treated to a feed filled with food. She serves delectable and easy-to-make recipes to her 2.3 million followers, who praise her evident cooking skills and presentation. Mariam is the owner of Cookinwithmima LLC, with roles as a food blogger, recipe developer, and creator, per the business’s LinkedIn profile.

3. Anna Nystrom (@annanystrom)

A health, fitness, and lifestyle influencer from Sweden, Anna has 8 million followers since creating her Instagram account in 2013. There she posts about workouts as a fitness model and licensed personal trainer. She also dabbles into photography and sells her works of art.

4. Janni Olsson Deler (@jannid)

Janni is another Sweden-born lifestyle blogger who has 1.4 million followers on IG. She posts about her trips abroad, OOTDs, and significant life changes. She has designed bags and accessories for numerous brands, having worked with Maybelline, Nikon, and Calvin Klein. Often nominated as a lifestyle blogger, fashion influencer, and chicest blogger of a given year, Janni has her clothing brand, called C’est Normal.

5. Amanda Stanton (@amanda_stantonn)

Laguna Beach-based mama Amanda is famous for appearing in season 20 of The Bachelor. Her Instagram page chronicles her life and that of her two girls with the occasional ad postings. Amanda owns and designs for her clothing brand, Lani the Label, for trendy mothers and daughters.

6. Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

Adam does not say much on his bio or his captions, and his two million followers don’t seem to mind. His page is that of a quintessential influencer: curated, beautifully shot, and beautifully framed photos set against Instagrammable backdrops. He models menswear and products from partner brands. He also keeps a blog about travel, fashion, and lifestyle.

7. Oliver Proudlock (@proudlock)

Oliver shares his fashion aesthetics, adventures, and fitness drills to his 718,000 followers on Instagram. He is most famous for Made in Chelsea, a reality show in the UK, and for popping the question on IG. He has published a book on his six-week muscle plan. Moreover, Oliver is a designer who set up Serge DeNimes and collaborated with Oliver Sweeney and Theo Fennell.

8. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Someone is influential if he or she has become viral or sparked a trend the way Murad and his then girlfriend did with #followmeto. He is a Russian photographer with over four million followers on the platform. Forbes named him Top Travel Influencer, and it is evident with the eye-popping shots all over his ’Gram. For following his now wife, Nataly, to many places around the world, Murad has launched a book and photo exhibits.

Of Influencers and Sellers

Kylie Jenner has perfectly demonstrated the power of social media popularity to build a multimillion-dollar cosmetics empire. She has leveraged the attention of 144 million people on Instagram for her business, which started with lip tints. She also reportedly makes $1 million per paid post.

You may not have Kylie’s sphere of influence yet, but you can start a business with niche of things to sell to people as she did. You can set up an online store with minimal costs and build an IG page where people can reach you and engage with you. Use the platform to earn customers’ trust and confidence.

Aside from customer engagement, you can use Instagram to run ads for your shop. Don’t forget to add a link to the shop on your bio.







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