8 Reasons Why Archery Is Good For Kids

Are you a parent who would like to help their child find a new hobby and be more active? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. 

The first step to getting your child interested in a new hobby is to find something that will challenge them while allowing them to have fun. Archery is a sport that can do both.

Let’s take a look at eight reasons why archery and kids make a good match. 

#1 – Discipline  

Discipline is key to raising children who will become reliable adults. With archery, kids will need to learn and practice discipline each time they pick up the bow and arrow. Kids have to practice good posture, safety, and learn to properly handle a bow and arrow

Once kids have learned discipline, they can use critical thinking and focus better. These are both vital aspects of adulthood. When you combine archery and kids, you will see an improvement in behavior and your child solving problems independently.

#2 – Self-Control 

Self-control allows us to control our behaviors and emotions. As adults, we know how important this skill is. Life is not always going to go the way we believe it should. Parents and teachers alike want to see children learn self-control for this very reason.  

Self-control is critical when participating in archery. Kids in archery will learn how to follow the rules and react appropriately under pressure. Focusing on their aim and posture helps them keep their emotions in check, and competitive events can help them learn to manage stress.

#3 – Responsibility

Teaching responsibility at a young age will lead to a responsible adult in society. Children need to learn what responsibilities are and why it’s important to be reliable. 

Teaching archery to kids can improve their understanding of responsibilities and encourage them to be consistent and reliable. Kids will learn to be aware of their surroundings and respectful of others. They will learn about responsibility through caring for their gear and following rules.

#4 –  Goal-Setting

Setting goals is essential for staying motivated and productive. Adults set daily goals, including getting the house clean, getting all the errands done, or washing all the laundry. Along with daily goals, adults like to set long-term goals. These are things they want to do or accomplish that will take steps and some time to achieve. 

Archery is a sport that will teach kids how to set daily and long-term goals. Realistic daily goals could be to have a positive attitude and work on posture when holding a bow and arrow.

Long-term goals could include hitting the target within one month of archery lessons or hitting the bullseye within six months of beginning archery lessons. Learning to set goals is an important skill that can help your child succeed in other areas of their life and help them become happy and productive adults.

#5 – Mental Focus

Archery requires you to aim, focus, and eliminate distractions. You must be able to clear your mind, stay calm, and focus on your movements. Mental focus is important for kids to learn because they will use this skill in many areas of their life. It can improve their grades at school and help them succeed in other hobbies and sports.

#6 – Confidence 

Confidence is more important than most people believe. It is the one thing that lessens our fears, gives us motivation, and makes us resilient. Archery allows kids to gain self-confidence because it’s an activity where they can progress if they apply themselves.

Self-confidence enables kids to grow into adults that get better jobs, have better relationships, and experience more positive responses. 

#7 – Physical Activity

Children need to get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Archery is a sport that your child can practice all year round. It helps kids learn coordination, focus, and other motor skills.

Kids also practice proper posture, walking and jogging, and pulling the bow. These include the use of various muscles in the body, including back muscles that help with posture.

#8 – Social Skills

It’s crucial for children to develop social skills. Being able to interact with other children in a positive setting increases your child’s chances of succeeding in life. Archery gives your kid an opportunity to have fun with other children who share the same interests.

They also interact with adults as they work with their instructors. Positive social skills allow kids to become adults that have better job success and know how to react appropriately in social situations. 

Final Thoughts

Who knew you could learn so much while having fun? The benefits of archery are amazing and give kids the chance to become a responsible and successful adult. Archery and kids could be the perfect pair. Talk to your child and decide together if archery is the right sport for them!

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