9 Exciting Fashion Trends That Will Bring Spring Closer

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Spring is upon us and if you’re not ready for the much-dreaded spring cleaning session, you’re surely ready to get rid of your bulky clothes and change into some fresh new outfits. Yes, we know, the weather isn’t warm enough to wear strappy sandals and breezy dresses just yet, but a girl can only dream. Sunnier days and friendlier temperatures will eventually come our way and we’ll leave behind this annoying transition period when the date on the calendar says one thing and the thermometers beg to differ. So let’s forget about padded jackets and chunky boots for a while and prepare for better times.  

Your current closet situation might be a bit depressing, but why not focus on how it’s going to look in a few weeks to cheer things up a bit? You don’t need to go on a shopping spree right now and create a whole new wardrobe, but at least you can check the latest spring trends to get some inspiration for the future. Let’s see what this spring has in store for us fashion wise. 

Slip dresses 

Apparently we’re going to witness a slip dress revival this year and we’re not mad about it at all. Of course, sleep dresses are nothing new; women have been in love with them since forever, but classic pieces never go out of style. They just lay low for a while only to be reborn and reinterpreted and that’s exactly the case with slip dresses. This spring they’ll be bolder and more feminine than ever. They can also be extremely versatile, so you can wear them on all kinds of occasions and since they catch all the attention, they require minimal accessorizing. You can simply tie your hair with a fabric ribbon and you’re good to go.

Knits are in

No, we’re not going back to the dark winter days, far from it. It’s not the thick knitted sweaters we’re talking about here, but the knit dresses that can get you out of those tricky situations when you don’t know how warm to dress. Not sure how the temperatures will fluctuate throughout the day? Throw a knit dress on and forget about your worries. Wear a light jacket over it when it’s cold outside and wear it on its own if the weather is warmer. 

Suits for life 

And yet another classic makes the cut – suits are back and they’re here to stay. In fact, suits never went anywhere to begin with. But as it’s expected, this spring does bring a few interesting updates to the ever-trending suit style. This season it’s all about waistcoats, putting the highlight on three piece suits, and let’s not forget about Bermuda shorts for a more casual take on the trend. So make room in your closet for at least one suit and if your love for suits grows deeper, don’t be afraid to add a few more, in different styles. 

All things 70’s

Well, not exactly all things. We’re not encouraging you to buy 70’s style furniture and decorate your house with memorabilia from that decade, but when it comes to fashion, the 70’s are making a strong comeback and you should definitely join in on the fun. It’s only natural for fashion trends to resurface from time to time, and this spring we have the 70’s to serve as an inspiration for our styling choices, so get ready for retro minis, disco collars, crazy colored prints, layers upon layers, suede, fringes and of course retro accessories all the way. The disco vibe is on. 

Sky high slits

After a never-ending winter that had you wrapped in warm clothes from top to bottom, it’s about time to show a little skin, or to be more precise, a little more skin than usual. High slits are a thing this spring and we couldn’t be happier about it. Don’t be afraid to get out of your cocoon and show off your legs in a high slit skirt. Pair it up with some high heels and you’ll look sexier than ever.

A tropical storm 

A tropical storm is about to begin, but not in the literal sense, of course. We’re going to be flooded with tropical prints all season long, as if we needed more reasons to daydream about exotic getaways. And if daydreaming is all you’ll get, at least you can do it in style, dressed like you’re on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean. Pay no attention to your surroundings and choose bold nature inspired prints that defy the city life and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Tube top nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic about the 90’s? They’re not really that far away and apparently you’re not alone in your longing as the beloved 90’s tube top is coming back to the fashion scene. Give a round of applause please for this simple and minimalistic trend that is both comfortable and stylish and will forever have a soft spot in our hearts.  It really doesn’t matter what you’re going to wear it with, you simply need to have (at least) one in your wardrobe.

Short shorts

Going further with the show-some-skin theme, let’s focus a bit on the bottoms. There’s nothing that says warm weather like a pair of really short shorts. Shorts have been making waves on all runways this year and they’re probably going to make their way into your closet as well. Maybe you’re not comfortable with wearing them in the city, where they can make you feel a little too exposed, but you’ll definitely love them when you go on vacation or hit the beach. 

Colours for all tastes 

When it comes to colour schemes, you’ll be happy to know that this year’s spring trends bring a little something for everyone. Those who are looking to add a bit of color into their lives are going to be spoiled with sherbet shades and minty greens, while those who run away from any color combination can find a safe place in black and white pieces. 


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