9 Stocking-Fillers To Spice Up Your Kids’ Christmas

Opening their stockings on Christmas morning is often one of the things children look forward to the most during the holiday season. It’s natural then that, as parents, we want to make this as special as possible for the little ones. Choosing the perfect little presents to go in them is a completely different task, altogether, however! To get you started, here are 9 gift ideas that are sure to make your little ones smile on the 25th.  

Personalized Pyjamas 

Children grow out of clothes at a remarkable rate, so new clothes are always a good idea for stocking fillers for practical reasons, at least. To make the present a little more exciting, you can jazz up this gift by adding your child’s name or monogramming the clothing, if your child is a little older. In particular, your child will likely love lounging around the house at Christmas in a set of personalized pajamas.  

Novelty Makeup Sets 

Children tend to gravitate towards items that make them feel older or more adult. In that respect, makeup sets are a great choice for any budding fashionista, providing they are old enough to use them safely. You can also make your gift stand out a little more by looking for a themed novelty set that is sure to grab your kid’s attention. For instance, you could give the set a festive twist by purchasing Christmas makeup products.  

Funky Socks 

Like pajamas, socks are another thing that makes sense to buy around Christmas, since your child always needs them. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that it’s difficult to get your kids that excited about socks. However, while there’s probably nothing you can do to get them super-excited about socks, giving them a fun, novelty pair will likely bring a smile to their face. Consider getting a pair that matches their interests, or picking up a festive-themed pair.  

Kids’ Bath Products 

Sweet-smelling bath bombs and funky bubble baths will make your child much more excited about bath time. As a result, there are loads of bath products available today that are made specifically to entertain your kids, and many of them are also reasonably priced. These are designed to produce a big effect that will entertain your little ones, while also not being overly harsh on their skin.  

Rubik’s Cube 

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic. Despite being a little retro, your older kids are sure to find hours of entertainment from a Rubik’s cube. The famous puzzle is a great option as a stocking-filler, because they are affordable, small, and can even help your child develop their problem-solving skills. If you want to go for something a little more out there, you can now even purchase Rubik’s cubes with additional challenges, such as ones that change color.  

Children’s Cook Books  

Cooking is always a valuable skill to teach your kids, and this has given rise to the development of cookbooks designed specifically with them in mind. These contain fun, child-safe, and easy-to-follow recipes that will help instill this knowledge early. Many are also adorned with engaging images and illustrations to pique your child’s interest. Pick one up for the aspiring baker in your life.  

Portable Speakers 

Whether you’re 10 or 100, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a useful gadget to have around. Music is also a great way for children to express themselves, so a child-friendly portable speaker can be an ideal means of introducing them to this world. They also can be surprisingly affordable these days, so you can use them to wow your child without breaking the bank. Their futuristic design can also be an added bonus if your kid is into their tech.  


I don’t know about you, but childhood Christmases for me are inextricably linked with eating too much chocolate! And while it’s far from a major gift, it’s a fairly safe guarantee that your child will appreciate a little extra chocolate in their lives. You can spice up this present a little by going for some with a festive theme – chocolate coins and Santas are both classic and enduringly popular.  

Card Games 

Card and board games with the family are almost always a part of the holiday season, so why not mix it up by getting some new ones for your kids? Party card games are a fun and useful choice for stocking fillers. Uno, in particular, is a highly popular one and also has a fairly gentle learning curve, so is suitable for younger players. If you want to branch out a little, however, there are also hundreds of other choices out there.  


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