A Christmas Survival Guide

It’s nearly Christmas and that makes me happy and terrified in equal measures. I absolutely love the festive season, but buy does it get exhausting and frantic. With little over a week to go, it is now officially all systems go, with lots of presents still to buy, all the wrapping to do, and lots of festive fun nights still ahead.

With all that in mind, this is a bit of a survival guide to products that could make Christmas a little less stressful, and could help you manage to both look and feel yourself over the Christmas period.

Do you need a supplement?

Opti Women, which you can pick up from Discount Supplements, may be an excellent way of boosting your immune system and reducing fatigue over the busy Christmas period. Optimum Nutrition Opti Women has a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help support metabolic and immune function. This could help you feel more ready to cope with the busy packed days that Christmas brings.

Have a cup of Tea

Long said to be the one thing that puts everything in perspective, having a cup of herbal tea can be stimulating, or relaxing, depending on the blend. Yogi Tea have a wonderful green jasmine tea that is perfect for starting your day on Christmas Day (Yogi have christened the essence of their Green Jasmine Tea as Pause Before the Day Begins). This is a tea to wake you up, just what you might need if the smalls have decided that an early start is needed on Christmas Day (ahem!)


It is super cold out there at the moment, and this is something that can play havoc with our skin, so the need to moisturise is stronger than ever. A good night cream can help our skin repair itself whilst we sleep. I love Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Ultimate Night Cream. It costs less than a tenner, has a lovely creamy consistency that my skin just laps up, and the smell of lavender is so soothing, especially at bedtime. In addition, it is great for sensitive skin, something that many of us suffer with as the weather gets colder and colder.

What are your Christmas survival tips?

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