A Daily Goal Setter Planner From Mål Paper

Having a daily plan is a huge help for some people. Whether this be because we need to be organised in order to make sure everything is done, and that important things are not forgotten, or whether the organisation is something that helps to keep our mental health and well being in check, being organised and knowing what it is we need to do helps us to keep our work life balance and some sense of equilibrium.

With this in mind, new stationery brand Mål Paper have created a perfect companion piece for making sure we have all our daily tasks, and goals in one place. The Mål Paper Daily Goals setter is an organisation diary, combined with a place to keep our hopes and dreams and our affirmations, all together. It allows us to plan ahead, but to also look back, with space to note down the good things that have happened each day, showing that we can take something good out of every day.

We can create a weekly review, and a long term review too, giving us the organisational skills to help us plan where we want to be by a certain time point. The diary/organiser lasts for six months and is a truly useful piece of stationary.

It is also very stylish and beautiful too. You can choose a colour, either classic black, sharp grey or the prettiest shade of pink, and the cover is PU faux leather, which can be wiped clean if you have a planning accident with your coffee (always my major friend when planning.) It has beautiful quality paper (100 gsm ivory paper) and two ribbon dividers so you can easily find your most recent notes.  It also has a space for documents and tickets in the back, which is also very useful.

What I really love though, are the life affirming quotes from inspirational figures in history that run throughout the planner. These are an inspiring touch that raises this Goal Setter above the average diary or planner.

The Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner costs £20.95 and can be found on the Mål Paper website here.

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