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A makeover with Sascha Jackson of Stila UK

Sascha Jackson is one of the UK’s most renowned make up artists, and last week she took a trip to Birmingham to promote Stila UK and their range of festive products and shades. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the stunning Harvey Nichols store in the Mailbox in order to try some of the new products and get a chance to chat with Sascha, picking the brains of a bona fide beauty expert.

Even though I’ve had many years of practice at putting my face on, I still feel like I have a lot to learn when it comes to make up. Sascha was full of advice, recommending products from the Stay All Day range that is a godsend for mom’s who don’t have time to keep reapplying their make up. We also chatted about the Stila brand, a brand which was very familiar in the UK quite a few years ago, but then disappeared, only to make a comeback a few years ago, launching the brilliant, multi-coloured One Step Correct, which is a total hero product in my book and perfect for creating a base for your make up, or just correcting your colour so you can get that natural, ‘effortless’ look.



I wanted a natural make up look as I was off to do the school run after my pampering session. Sascha started with the Stay All day foundation, and then dealt with both eyes and cheeks with the ‘Perfect Me, Perfect Hue’ eye and cheek palette. Sascha explained that blush can double as an extra eye colour, as it can be swept both on the eye and below. We also looked at my eyebrows, which are plucked, but have not been threaded recently as I have decided I like them slightly thicker and more natural. Sascha’s tip for shaping eyebrows was that you draw your ultimate shaped eyebrows before you pluck to avoid taking out new, but actually wanted hair.

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette £28.00 Click to view
STILA Morning to Moonlight Waterproof Eye Liner Gift Set 1.06ml £30 Click to view


Blusher is another product that I have trouble with, so much trouble I only started wearing it this year. Sascha’s advice is that if you smile slightly when applying it, and then just lightly brush over your cheeks, it should appear dewy and natural. I’ve been trying this and it definitely works. We then turned to lips. I really love the idea of a darker lip, but tend to stick to coral/orange shades. Sascha tempted me with darker violet shade, although I still balked at the beautiful plum lip that I really wanted to try. I really loved the shade used on my lips, and the effect a really good lip liner can have.

STILA Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick Gift Set (3 piece) £18 Click to view


Finished Face



With Sascha Jackson


It was a pleasure to spend time with Sascha and to learn just a little of her beauty know how.



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