A New Home In The Sun

For many people, the idea of owning a home in the sun is something they dream of. This could be in terms of starting afresh in a new country, with new jobs, new schools and a totally different lifestyle, or it could be in the form of having a holiday home abroad, a bolthole to escape to for holidays throughout the year, a place to maybe one day retire to, or at least somewhere to spend the Winter in a much more inclement climate.


If you are thinking about finding your own holiday getaway, the first thing you need to decide is the location. Often the choice is one that has often been enjoyed on holidays over the years, an area you know well already, and would love to spend more time there. Spain has always been a popular destination, with Portugal also very popular, with lots of holiday style property for sale in Portugal, and, in particular for those who love the idea of being on the coast, lots of villa style property for sale in The Algarve. Other popular destinations include Spanish Islands and Malta, all known for their mild climates and beautiful villages.

You may think that you would need to wait until the Spring to start your search but you would be wrong. Autumn and Winter is actually a good time to start to look for properties, particularly if you are either planning to live there full time or will be staying over the Winter. If you have been used to staying in a resort during season, when it has been very hot, and busy, you may find it very different once the season has ended. You may well find it too quiet for you, there may not be enough amenities left open once the tourists have left, so do check the local area out so you really know what it is like.

Flying Times And Airports

The property you choose, whether as a holiday home, or as a potential new start should be accessible to an airport. This will make it much easier for your wider family to be able to come to visit, and vice versa. Short flight times also make it easier to keep in touch with your family, and is also useful in case an emergency should occur which would require you to get back to the UK quickly.

Look Carefully At The Property

As tempting as it might be to take on a project, some dilapidated barn or a rambling chateau, the reality is that it is easier, and cheaper to find a house, villa or apartment that is already suitable to move into. If you are moving to a new Country, and particularly if you don’t speak the language, do you really want to be trying to find tradesmen, track down fixtures and fittings and generally manage a Grand Design’s project? No, me neither.

There are already fabulous properties out there, and one of them has your name on it. It’s just waiting for you to take the plunge, so what are you waiting for?