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So it is no secret that I am happily married, but when I was asked to try out a new kind of dating app called Meetchu  (Meet you – clever eh!) I was more than happy to do this. My blog contains lots of posts about dating online and dating apps as I have a fascination with the new ways of meeting people and finding love that have gained popularity in the 21st Century. I also have lots of single friends who share the trials and tribulations of modern dating and these include the young (some of my blogging friends), the thirtysomethings (modern professionals finding it hard to meet the right person) and people my age who have got divorced and now want to put themselves out there, but lack the confidence or the friendship groups that would help with this.  Most of new-found love usually are lasting, sweet and promising found through dating websites. Then it level up to getting one’s phone number and boys you should learn how to text her, with the course how2txther by Christian Hudson. There are such areas in dating that seems to be complicated, it is proven that texting is very straightforward.

You can see there is definitely a call for good dating apps, and Meetchu may just be one of the best around.

All About Meetchu

What makes Meetchu so different? Well, as it states very clearly, it is the app that allows you to meet before you meet. One of the many issues with online dating is that sometimes the photograph doesn’t match the person who turns up – the person may have used someone else’s photo, or used a profile picture that is actually years old. This can create misunderstanding and an uncomfortable atmosphere before the date has actually started. Meetchu avoids this through the use of video profiles, where prospective dates have filmed short films introducing themselves to you. You get to see the person, you get to hear them speak and you can get a feel for whether you think you’d like to date them. You can then heart their photo if you’d like to find out more, or use the cross ( a bit brutal but still) if they are not your type.

Meetchu also allows you to talk to the person through secure voice and video calling. This can help you build up a bit of a rapour before an actual date, without actually having to swap numbers and contact details, placing personal safety as paramount.

The app is free to download, and it is very quick to do this, even if, like me, your internet is currently terrible. A profile is easy to set up and is verified by Facebook for an added security measure. It adds your location to make matches more suitable and as local as possible so you are not forming admiration for someone who lives at the other end of the country. It also allows you to filter your matches through your settings, allowing you to choose age range, location, sex etc to help you to find exactly what you are looking for in a date.

Meetchu is free to use and download, but if you want to try the premium membership, you can download the app using my code to receive a one month’s free premium membership!

Have you ever tried Meetchu? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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