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A pamper package for me.

Are you a sport’s widow? Are you what the American’s refer to as a ‘soccer mom’? Do you find that your television is taken over by sport of any, or every description, and that weeknights are dedicated to getting a child or teenager to a range of different sporting activities. If the answer to any of these is yes, then you have my sympathies, and I’m sure you will understand why I jumped at the chance of a bit of me time, courtesy of a stunning Pamper Parcel created by Rosie Scribble and her team.

For my husband, it’s all about darts and boxing. Ringside is recorded each week and totally clogs up the Sky+ (he will never delete as he may want to relive a moment again and again…ggggrrrr). Pete loves to attend big fights, Carl Froch is a particular favourite, and when not physically there in the flesh, the fights become prime time viewing, despite the fact that there may be a great film on. Darts are also a total favourite, The Grand Slam is a pre- Christmas staple, a local pub is a warm up venue for big tournaments, so Pete gets quite a few opportunities to watch it live, and has met a fair few top players, including Phil Taylor and ‘Jackpot’ Adrian Lewis, but Christmas can be dominated by the Word Championship, followed by the Lakeside, neither of which are my fave viewing experiences.

20131123_171205If it’s not bad enough that, at times, I feel like a sports widow, I’ve now become a soccer mom to a football mad six-year-old, who seems to live, breathe, eat and sleep football. He goes to lots of matches at West Bromwich Albion with his grandad Mick, (who also loves to put a bet on who will score the first goal with Betfair,)  and has just started training with the Albion Foundation. In addition, he watches every bit of football he can, collects football cards which I find all over the house, as well as in my handbag and coat pockets, and insists that ‘Match of the Day’ is recorded for a Sunday Morning treat. He seems to have developed a really low voice that suddenly bursts into chants of ‘Saido Berahino’ at all times of day and night. It is all super cute, but I do really need to escape from the sports testosterone every now and again.


My pamper pack was a great way to unwind and take some time for myself. Gorgeous beauty and bathing products from Tisserand, Burts Bees and Nougat London, along with a lovely scented candle from Aroma Works, made for a lovely, relaxing, bath time experience. The Tisserand product in particular is a new favourite, the lingering scent of lemongrass was just so refreshing.



In addition to a bit of pampering, there were also luxury food treats from the likes of Duchy Originals and Montezuma’s, including a couple of delicious bars of chocolate and butterscotch. The special Joseph’s popcorn was not for my taste, but Joe told me this was perfect for when he was watching football…


If you sometimes feel a little left out of the sporty chat, or just fed up of the constant stream of sport cluttering up your telly viewing, the answer may just be to grab a little time for rest, recuperation and pampering.

*I was sent my lovely pamper parcel courtesy of Betfair.


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