A Parents’ Guide To A Levels

A-Levels can open up the world to your child, be it their desire to head out into the world of work or to go to university. That’s why it’s important for you to be in the know about what to expect from A-Levels. So, I’ve partnered with a Top Private Co-educational Boarding School to give you a guide on the world of A-Levels.

What Are A-Levels?

A-Levels are the next step in your child’s education following completion of GCSEs. Similarly to GCSE, they offer your child the chance to dive into subjects in more detail. It allows your child to really determine where their interests lie, with their subjects likely being chosen with a certain university degree and/or career in mind. 

Choosing Subjects 

Your child will make the decision of what subjects to study close to the end of their GCSe learning. They may need to hit certain grades at GCSE in order to go to certain schools or learn certain subjects, but there is a great wealth of different subjects for your child to choose from, with everything from Politics to Film to Psychology. You can support your child by looking at the details of the subjects offered to them, aiding them choosing the path which feels right for them. 


A-Levels usually take two years to complete. After the first year of A-Level study, your children will take AS-Level exams, which is the first level of qualification gained, with exams taking place the following year to complete their full A-Level qualification. They usually fall around a similar time to that of GCSe exams, at the end of the summer term. 


The extra information and increased level of detail that comes with A-Level study may prove to be a bit intimidating for your child. You can help ease that sense of intimidation by being supportive and positive about their new step. You can also help them structure their revision and home study in a manner which makes the workload easier to manage, whilst also keeping in mind not to overwork them. 

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