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A quick post about delicious food

I have to admit it, right here in print, I am not the world’s most fantastic cook. I’m not even the best cook in my own house, those honours go to my hubby Pete, who is a dab hand in the kitchen. With all that said, I really love eating great, home-cooked meals, with pasta and prawns being an absolute fave (I’m currently obsessed with pasta Alfredo), so, on Wednesday evening I take Joe off to karate class and Pete prepares something special and delicious for when we get back.

Recently, I was contacted on behalf of Sunrise Senior Living who specialise in residential care. They have recently put together a whole book of delicious recipes which aim to be nutritious and healthy as well as tasting gorgeous, making them a great choice for the whole family to enjoy, not just the elderly. Sunrise Senior Living asked if I (well Pete) would be interested in trying one of the recipes in the book. So I looked carefully at the recipes and decided to take one and adapt it to my own tastes.

Creamy garlic mushrooms

The recipe I chose was creamy garlic mushrooms. Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I hate mushrooms with a passion, but I loved the sound of the creamy garlic sauce, with mustard, white wine and onions, garlic and parsley, so decided to adapt the recipe by using prawns instead, and serving this on a bed of fresh pasta, rather than toast. It turned out pretty well! (If you are interested – you can find the full list of ingredients and recipe here.)

My version – serve with garlic bread or ciabatta – delicious!
You can find lots of recipes on the Senior Eats blog page – well worth a look.

*I was given money for ingredients in order to create a dish from the recipes.

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