A Scorching Summer Gift Guide

Mother’s Day has come and gone. Father’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that the time for buying gifts has finished. There are birthdays, gifts for teachers and graduation presents and this guide has some ideas for all of these, as well as ideas for those who are already thinking of the ‘C’ word and are forward planning.

CleanCo Clean G Rhubarb

These days, whether you are the designated driver, or just avoiding alcohol for health and wellbeing purposes, there is a real call for non alcoholic alternatives to the most popular spirits. The CleanCo offer these in abundance, their botanical alternatives to gin, whisky, rum and tequila are not only super tasty, but also make brilliant cocktails.

CleanCo is the premium non-alcoholic spirit brand founded by Spencer Matthews, and I was lucky enough to attend a launch for these drinks a few years ago and can vouch they taste just like the real thing, except without the hangover, and still allowing you to drive. These allow consumers an alcohol-free alternative without compromising on taste or social interaction.  The bottles look super pretty too, making them a great, thoughtful Summer gift idea.
Available at £16 for
Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner
Philip Kingsley is the king of fabulous hair products, and a huge bottle that will not only be a luxurious treat but will also last forever is a brilliant gift idea. The Body Building shampoo and conditioner is just that, the perfect treat for flat, flyaway hair that is gentle enough to use every wash, and will add body to even the limpest hair. These come in an enormous, 1000 ml, pump action bottle, and will just be the perfect treat for beauty and hair care lovers.
You can find both of these products here.
Barbiecore Stationery From Pen Heaven
The Barbie movie will be hitting screens in July, and will bring with it a trend for all things pretty and pink! Stationery experts Pen Heaven are totally embracing the trend with a wide range of beautiful pieces that Barbie would definitely approve of.
Pen Heaven is always my go to place for beautiful stationery,they offer a variety of modern writing tools and accessories that are an easy way to add a pop of colour to your daily writing routine. These make the perfect gift for a stationery lover, a Barbie lover, and any lover of the colour pink.
Seen below.
Leuchtturm1917 Medium Hardcover Notebook, £18 (Embossing Available)
A Natural Wax Candle From Made By Coopers
Candles are always a great gift idea, the gift of scent is lovely, they work for all sorts of people of all ages, and they are practical. Made By Coopers is the perfect place to find the perfect scented candle that not only smells beautiful, but is also a caring product.
Made By Coopers candles are different.  They are packed full of clean, nutrient rich essential oils and botanical ingredients, and are also free from parabens, SLS’s, sulphates, mineral oil, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. The scent is intoxicating, you can actually smell the candle the minute the box is open, before the candle is even lit.
I love the ‘Calm‘ fragrance, which combines Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary and Frankincence, and has a 34 hour burn time.
Harry Potter Flipolo Game From John Adams
Games make a great birthday gift in Summer, particularly with the long six weeks holidays coming up that need filling. With Harry Potter being ever popular, the Harry Potter Flipolo would make a popular gift choice for any superfan of the wizard.
This game is fast and fun.

Jump in to the wizarding world of Hogwarts with the fast paced magical matching game, Harry Potter Flipolo! This exciting game requires both speed and keen observation, as players race to complete their gameboard.

Sounds simple? You’ll be surprised! All Harry Potter tiles are double sided, so you must flip and switch, then switch and flip until all tiles are in place. It’s a different challenge every time. Flip over the double sided tiles to make matches and match up all your tiles to your gameboard to win!

You can find the game available at Amazon here.

Catch & Count Fishing Game
Another lovely game that would make a great birthday gift, the Catch & Count Fishing Game from Melissa and Doug is just perfect.
The Melissa and Doug Catch and Count Wooden Fishing Game includes two magnetic rods and 10 magnetic wooden fish which are numbered and patterned, making an exciting game for kids to play alone or with a friend. Educational, sturdy and bright and eye catching, this is a brilliant gift that any child would enjoy. Suitable for age 3 +.
Available from Smyths  
PLAYin CHOC Toy Choc Boxes
These are just a brilliant gift idea for a child. The PLAYin CHOC toy choc boxes selections come with choc boxes from three different collections, the Woodland, Endangered Animals and Dinosaur Collection. Inside each ToyChoc Box for kids are 2 allergen free organic chocolates, a card puzzle toy to build and an educational fun facts card to teach the younger generation about the world around us.
The collectable ToyChoc Boxes are suitable for children aged 3+. Each box is recyclable and looks incredible, making these a lovely gift idea for your child to give to another child, perhaps at a birthday party?
Win a PLAYin CHOC Selection Box – Organic chocolate and surprise toy
UK Entries only, one prize.


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