A Visit to King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Corris, Wales

One thing that is virtually guaranteed on a visit to Wales is that, at some point, you will have rain. The Easter holiday saw weather of all varieties, from sunshine and blue skies, to heavy rain, strong winds, and even blasts of snow. When the weather is inclement, you may find yourself searching for something to do that will interest both children and adults, and will give you at least a couple of hours in dry surroundings. The King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Corris, Mid Wales, is perfect for those interested in myths, legends, legendary kings and dragons.

At the Corris Craft Centre

At the Corris Craft Centre

You access the Labyrinth through the Corris Craft Centre, a collection of 8 craft studios selling products that range from handmade soap and candles, silver artisan jewellery and the famous smoking dragons. The centre also has a rather lovely café which sells reasonably priced sandwiches, hot meals, drinks and delicious cakes. There is also an outdoor play area for children which Joe managed to have a play on while the weather stayed dry.


The Outdoor Play Area at Corris Craft Centre


The scenery is just beautiful

The King Arthur’s Labyrinth itself is an adventure set underground. You begin with a film introduction to the legend of Arthur in Wales, and an explanation that this was possibly during the time of the Saxons. The film sets the scene nicely for the legendary tales you will hear in the caverns deep underground.

Selfie just before we started the journey.

Selfie just before we started the journey.

Hard hats are then given out and must be worn at all times, some of the tunnels deep within the mountain are very low (I hit my head at least three times not ducking enough so was very happy for my hat.). Then the journey begins. A mysterious boatman takes you by a long barge to a mysterious waterfall. This is the gateway to the world of the Welsh Arthur. Once through the waterfall, the rest of the journey is undertaken by foot. The paths are uneven in places, and there are puddles, so sensible footwear is a must. It is also quite cold due to your depth underground, so a warm coat is also important.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall

700 x 536 King Arthurs Labyrinth D051605

Mystical boatman

The stories are told throughout the tunnel, with model tableaux of dragons, giants and Kings providing a magical experience. The lighting is dim to keep the mystical eerie mood, and flash photography is not allowed, hence no photographs from within the attraction. The caverns under the mountains are vast and awe inspiring, and when you eventually emerge (the whole experience is one hour long) you are left wondering which of the Southern Snowdonia mountains you have been inside.

Mysterious caverns

Mysterious caverns

King Arthur’s Labyrinth is a wonderful experience in that it is enjoyable and educational at the same time. An adult ticket costs £9.65, with children’s tickets costing £6.45 (aged 4- 15). You can find out more by visiting the website here.


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  1. Oooh this sounds like such an awesome day out! I’ve only been to Wales once but I might be visiting in the summer so I’ll have to remember this!
    Amy xx

  2. This sounds like enormous fun for all the family and very reasonably priced considering how many different things there are to do.

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