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A Winter Wedding With Shesaidyes

Winter is a popular time to get married, and what could be more romantic than a Christmas Wedding? My own sister got married on a very snowy December day, and my mom and dad celebrate 50 years of marriage on December 27th. My grandparents actually got married on Boxing Day 1953, and although I must admit I bucked the trend by getting married in the Summer, Winter weddings do have a lovely, romantic feel to them, especially when you think of twinkling lights and Christmas trees as a perfect accompaniment.

Wedding ring experts Shesaidyes have a brilliant new range that is just perfect for Winter, this includes engagement rings for women that include their ever popular heart engagement rings , and also a wide range of wedding rings, and wedding ring sets in a range of metals. With Christmas now less than a month away, I am going to be looking at some products from their ranges that I think would be perfect for a beautiful Winter wedding.

Garnets and Rubies

When we think of the colours associated with Christmas, we are almost always drawn to the colour red, the colour od Santa Claus of course. So if you are looking for a wedding or engagement ring to gift this Christmas, a ring containing a garnet or Ruby as its centrepiece is a good choice. If you add in a love heart motif too, you may just have the perfect ring for a Christmas wedding. You could continue the theme with red bridesmaid dresses and wedding favours too.

If red is not your colour, why not try a lovely green, a deep pine shade to compliment the Christmas trees and evergreens.

Silver Sparkles

Metallic shades are also a popular choice when it comes to Christmas weddings, with metals like silver and platinum giving off true Ice Queen vibes, and looking brilliant when teamed with the crisp white of snow, an ethereal wedding dress and white faux fur. Shesaidyes urges you to ditch the diamond and instead think about the more unusual moissanite wedding sets .

Moissanites are stunning stones, almost as hard as a diamond, so they are not easy to scratch, and they have a particularly stunning sparkle, which makes them perfect for use in wedding rings. They almost have a glacial look, which means that when teamed with silvers and other icy metallics, they look particularly striking. Perfect for ice queens celebrating a wonderful winter wedding.

Whatever your preferred style, you will find a wedding ring to suit your taste and look for your Winter wedding at Shesaidyes.


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